Motorbike Technology of 2021

Best Motorbike Technology of 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Technology is changing all the time. New technology is coming on to the market while other older technologies are being much improved. This is happening the world over, including in the motorcycle industry. There is now a strong focus on the safety of riders and how traveling can be improved for them.

With motorcycles being one of the cheapest forms of the vehicle on the road to run and by far the fastest when you consider congestion, it is no wonder that technological industries have now decided to take an interest and started to invest heavily in evolving gadgets and having them so that they are available and affordable for the average person.

Here are some fantastic safety gadgets and technology which can protect every rider and help keep them safe.

Some motorcycles have their safety technology built-in

Many motorbikes now come with their own safety technology built-in, such as the Ducati adventurer’s and the Multistrada V4’s adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring system. Some motorcycles, such as the Honda Goldwing, have airbags mounted on their front to protect the rider should there be a head-on collision. This technology has since been adopted by other manufacturers such as BMW.

When buying a motorcycle, it is a good idea to do as much research as possible to make sure that you are getting the safest option for the best price on the make and model you desire. With the world now being as small as it is thanks to the internet, buying from abroad and getting international shipping is not so much of a problem as perhaps it once was. Looking into different options on the best ways you can get your dream motorcycle can be made a lot easier by using a reputable motorcycle shipping company.

Earpiece earplugs

The earpiece earplugs are a very good addition to any rider’s safety wear. Although part of the enjoyment of riding on a motorcycle is having the roar of the engine echoing through your ears, it can be a bit of a different experience when the sound of the freeway can reach up to 100db. This can seriously damage hearing, and having some kind of ear protector is a must.

The earpiece moto earplugs cut out the noise using a proprietary noise-canceling filter technology that eliminates wind and engine sounds but still allows the necessary noises, such as horns and screeching tires, to be heard.

These earplugs are suitable for everyone as they are hypoallergenic and made from medical-grade silicone.

Having the correct helmet for you

It is important to have the correct helmet for you as there are some variations available on the market, from the full-face kind with visor attached to the open-faced kind, which you will probably require some type of goggles in order to keep the bugs, wind, and rain at bay from your eyes.

When purchasing a helmet, make sure that it fits properly and can not twist it around or have it pulled back or pushed down over your face by the force of the wind.

A great addition to having a full head helmet is an AGV Agvisor. This is great for riding in bright sunlight and acts very much like the transition lenses, although they operate on a manual toggle between light tint and dark tint. They are battery operated and, as a safety function, turn to light tint when their battery runs out.