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Blockchain Marketing: 4 Effective Ways to Boost Your SEO in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Blockchain technology is a relatively new way of securing and undermining any underhand tracking activity. It works wonders in shielding your personal data, monetary transactions, and, basically, whatever other internet activity you are up to. The fascination around cryptocurrencies and, in particular, bitcoin is mostly due to high security and anonymity from any third party meddling into your P2P (Peer-to-Peer) interactions. 

This spurred many entrepreneurs to implement blockchain circuitry into every avenue imaginable. Want to get rid of redundant logins and passwords that plague the smoothness of the internet experience? Blockchain aficionados have already devised a way to bring it to life. Or you want to be certain that the money you donate to charity don’t go on some shady detours and roundabouts but securely get to the determined destination? Blockchain has got you covered here as well.

How Blockchain Affects Marketing?

That’s why no one is surprised that the impact of blockchain on marketing will be quite noticeable, to put it mildly. As the gist of blockchain is to act as a safe and anonymous funnel of business-making and the main goal of companies is to garner as much personal data as possible (to ensure better quality recommendations, of course), we can see that these both propositions are not really compatible.

This is partially why many marketers are on the fence about the whole cryptocurrencies and blockchain craze. Since not only will blockchain potentially alter the whole conception of usual marketing trends but will definitely disrupt the established norms of digital marketing and data-hoarding into the bargain. 

The Impact of This Sudden Shift

Obviously, this will cause a substantial amount of damage to both those who treat user’s data properly and those with ulterior motives of selling or manipulating your data on the same magnitude. Thus giving marketers a jolt to devise new plans and strategies on how to go about that. And considering the seemingly unstoppable force that is blockchain technology, the preparatory measures should not be delayed any longer.

While we were mostly talking about large conglomerates losing their traction on user’s data because of the blockchain shift, small to medium-sized businesses might also suffer collateral damage. Since no matter the size, every business requires some kind of data to both attune their product line to their customer group and refine their promotional campaign to, again, stay afloat. Not to mention the fact that pandemic has already maimed small and medium-sized businesses quite brutally.

SEO and Why It Still Will Be A Safe Haven

However, one branch of digital marketing that may be left unharmed in this whole ordeal and shift might be SEO. When implementing SEO techniques, most of them don’t require any prior data accumulated in order to work. You can get by with simple statistics and trends that will, at the very least in the near future, be available publicly. Because the idea of the decentralized internet is still in its inception.

Now, According to SEO company is not a unilateral thing, and to add to that it is a constantly changing and trend-shifting machine that needs a routine revising to keep it churning effectively. This is why today we will look at the most trendy, popular, and efficient methods of boosting SEO in 2020.

  1. Fast page loading IS important. Modern internet users have become quite sensitive to any inconveniences or dillydallying, especially on the internet. The majority of people have haste and erratic lifestyles and they won’t wait around for your snail-paced page to load for more than 3 seconds. Interestingly, according to Google themselves, they include the factor of loading time into their algorithm likewise. Meaning that slow loading time will not only inconvenience your users but will also directly hinder your way to the top of Google Search. That’s why optimizing your website load speed is extremely valuable. There are a lot of useful tools that you can use to gauge your load speed and seek the potential culprits out.
  2. Guest Posting is still relevant. Not only is it crucial in enhancing SEO but it is still one of the best ways to extend the reach of your business in a clean and rewarding fashion. With guest posting, you can build a backlink network that will generate a constantly flowing stream of new visitors/potential clients to your website with relative ease. The only prerequisites for guest posting are great, unique content, and a reliable platform to post on. 
  3. Mobile devices. How often do you see people staring at their smartphones on a daily basis? Exactly, almost on every turn, there are people perusing the web through their handheld devices. This is why it is imperative to optimize your website to the nuances and quirks of mobile browsing. This has become almost a necessity to be mobile-friendly, simply because of how ubiquitous phones are. More than 60% of Google Search inputs come from tapping fingers of mobile users. That’s a staggering number that shouldn’t be overlooked!
  4. Social media sharing. Social media and smartphones have harnessed their success almost simultaneously. Since the boom of the smartphone market, social media giants have been able to become a standard of connecting people. So, if you are living in the 21st century, there is no excuse not to include social media sharing features on your website. Not only will you be able to get more traction this way but it will also be exceedingly helpful in attracting new audiences. This way you can also build up your social media channels which will bring a huge influx of new users in no time.


Although the new revolution of how we interact on the internet is on the horizon, SEO is and still will be in trend years to come. The reason for that is simple – Google and its search engine is not going anywhere anytime soon. Our ways of data-treatment and Information building might change drastically but this doesn’t really concern Google algorithms that much. 

The important point here is, however, to be always vigilant about changes that Google brings to the table. Although the core principle might not change, the minimal shifts and turns might stack up over time and cause a significant change to happen. This is why overviewing the changes in SEO trends for people involved is so crucial. Since one omission might spiral you on the downward trend unnoticed.

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