Data-Driven Technologies

Data-Driven Technologies That Are Transforming The Business World

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Business technologies don’t just mean the shift of traditional dealings from pen and paper to computer screens. In fact, there is a lot more that modern technology has to offer to contemporary businesses.

It needs no saying that over the years, every industry has adopted one or the other form of technology; mainly to improve the productivity and efficiency of the processes to increase revenue generation. For instance, data has always been one of the key factors influencing the success of any business. And in recent years, technologies have turned to data-driven modules that adopt and alter the business environment as per the need.

What is Data-Driven Technology?

In layman’s terms data represents any information about the customers/consumers, market orientation, and most importantly the company operations. For example, simply the time taken by a person to complete a certain task is considered as data. When technologies make use of such data points, the results are surprisingly more effective, mostly because the data is more clearly defined. And it needs no saying that with clearly defined data, decision making is significantly improved, as key problem areas are easily identified.

Surprisingly, data-driven technologies are not at all new. In fact, the simple mobile device that most of us use daily uses several forms of data to improve our experience with it. As the experts at explain, good data-driven technology can simplify the strategic planning process for the businesses. And, notably, some of these technologies are already being used.

Automation And Machine Learning

With the invention of machine learning, automation is the most affected field of any industry. So much so, that it helps eliminate human errors by learning the patterns of daily operations and accordingly modifying the process. For example, technical teams can easily understand what stakeholders want and can thus complete a task accordingly. This, subsequently, reduces the downtime and improves the overall efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence For Aligned Solutions

One of the smartest data-driven technologies- artificial intelligence, is already improving the hiring processes for companies. Besides, AI is also being employed in data analysis and product designing projects by several companies. The primary function that AI performs is quite similar to machine learning, but the only difference being, machine learning does not call any action, whereas AI system does.

Cloud Computing For Seamless Productivity

The simplest and most common example of a cloud-based computing system is the GSuite that a company uses. The product from Google uses cloud storage to save and access any piece of information for an individual or a group of persons. This is the reason, several employees of a company need not access the physical storeroom, any more and can retrieve and use the data from their computers, remotely. Surprisingly, these cloud computing solutions can also offer limitations to be imposed on accessibility at different levels.

It should not come as a surprise that most of the businesses around us are already using these technologies. Although the conventional business world is yet to embrace the many changes that are already penetrating various realms of day to day life, the change is still visible. We are yet to see the overhauling of the complete business operations in these modern times.