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7 Fruitful Ways To Transform Yourself During the Present COVID-19 Lockdown

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 09:44 am

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The global outbreak of coronavirus has resulted in the closure of schools all over the world. Being a student, you love to have vacations, but this time the case is quite different, as you cannot go out and play. You have to remain confined indoors and thus, you are in a highly baffled state of mind and wondering for the entire day, what to do?

The best way you can utilize this time is by working on your self-improvement. This is the time that can prove to be a golden opportunity for you to grow better in all respects ranging from your overall personality to your education. Thus, below mentioned are 7 ways through which you can turn this period of lockdown into an improvisational break for yourself.

1. Travel into the world of books:

Mason Cooley has very well said that ‘Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are’. The coronavirus outbreak has caused you to remain confined inside your home. You can put this time to the maximum utility by traveling into the world of books to pave your way towards self-improvement. Further, good books act as a candelabrum and show you ways to better your life. Thus, you can choose from different genres of books such as educational, inspirational and spiritual, depending upon your interest. However, whatever be the books you read, one thing is sure that you will end up giving a boost to your brain’s imagination and creativity. Along with this, online psychic reading books enhance your vocabulary to a great extent. All these factors in combination make your personality highly influential in nature.

2. Unleash your creativity:

During your school days, you hardly get to spend your time on polishing your creative caliber, because of your tightly packed schedule. Now that your schools have been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and you are staying back home, you can spend quality time with your creative selves. Thus, in order to self- improve, whatever creative interest you have, get ready to take a deeper plunge into it and discover a place of serenity within yourselves. Apart from making you feel joyful, enhancing your creativity, during this time of global lockdown, can help you achieve betterment in your overall academic performance as well. This is because working on your creative abilities enhances your mind’s concentration power and thus, you become more focused on things including your studies. So, whether you are an artist or a dancer, get your stuff ready and tune into your creative self.

3. Spend some time in nature’s lap:

Gone are the times, when we used to sail through our lives slowly and with much grace. In the present times, due to high graded advancements, we have become so ambitious and materialistic, that we spend our lives rushing through days, without taking a single pause for ourselves. In our haste, to accomplish more from the 24 hours of a day, we forget to pay the slightest attention to mother nature, and its miracles around us. This is also true for students like you as your days get consumed in struggling between school, co-curricular activities and coaching classes. Due to this, you lack the touch of nature, devoid of which you become overstressed by the burden of your studies. Now, is an opportunity to rewind as you can use this time to connect back to the Universe and nature. By doing so, you can heal yourself of all the accumulated stress and reprogram your mind’s resilience against educational stress.

4. Have fun with game-based learning

Every child loves to play, and so do you. No doubt you cannot go out and play during the pandemic but you can still enjoy a lot of indoor games with your family. Also, it would be really interesting for you to know that you can use gaming as a medium to polish your concepts of different subjects. For this, you just have to search google and create a list of games that are related to your respective subjects. For example, there are a number of mathematical, vocabulary based and science-related games available online. You can play these games alone or with your family, via multiplayer mode. Therefore, you can have fun with games and simultaneously work on boosting your knowledge of different subjects which you study in school.

5. Watch educational movies

You can use educational movies as means to self-improve during the lockdown. To Sir with love, Alive and Be the change are some examples of such movies and you can get to know about more such movies through Google. There are plenty of them available for you to watch throughout the lockdown period. Every educational movie has a lot of things for you to learn from. Some tell you about real-life heroic stories of people, while others make you aware of the problems we are posing to the Earth and its environment. Whenever you watch such movies, you can note down the lessons which you have learned. Additionally, it is very important for you to keep revising these lessons from time to time, only then can you successfully implement them in your life.

6. Polish your skills though e-learning:

The technology of the internet has brought significant reformations in the world of education. It has enabled us to engage in active learning from anywhere and at any time. You can use this technology to educate yourself while remaining at home amidst the coronavirus outbreak. To gain knowledge, a plethora of e-learning courses, YouTube videos, and podcasts are available on the internet, for students like you. Whatever be your subject, topic or concept, you can tap into the world of precise learning via the internet. Thus, you can create your own classroom at home and carry on with your learning.

7. Introspect to tap into self-awareness:

The lockdown period can prove out to be a great time for you to introspect and explore the extent of your interest in different fields. It is only if you develop a clear awareness of your career alignments, that you can focus in the right direction. Many times, students like you don’t get sufficient time to introspect and end up choosing a career field that doesn’t align with their interests. This makes them suffer later in their lives. In order to save yourself from making any such mistake, you must use this time productively by becoming self-aware about your career alignments. You can also have a group discussion with your elders in the family, to seek their guidance on the same issue. This way, you can begin timely preparation for your selection of a professional academic course.

To conclude, you can use the present lockdown period judiciously by working on self-improvement. All the above-mentioned ways will help you pave your ways towards betterment with a fun and educational approach.