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Going the Extra Mile To Increase Brand Visibility In The New Normal

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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As the pandemic progresses with no foreseeable resolution, entrepreneurs are gearing up for the new normal. This is something they have to do because there’s no choice, businesses that wouldn’t align with the changing circumstances have slim chances of survival. While every aspect of business operations is affected, branding is no exception. If you want your brand to be visible, you need to think outside the box rather than work with the conventional strategies. Here are some measures you can embrace for going the extra mile to increase brand visibility in the new normal.

Realign your offering

Staying visible right now requires innovative thinking, which is all about matching the consumer expectations. The key lies in aligning your core offering with the prevailing situation, that too in a meaningful manner. For example, healthcare brands can extend their core offering by adding telemedicine in their portfolio, if it isn’t already there. Give customers what they need the most in the crisis and they will be most likely to stick with your brand.

Leverage analytics

When it comes to understanding customer expectations, you cannot depend on guesswork. Regardless of the business domain, customers are adapting quickly to the situation by embracing digital products and services. This generates massive volumes of data daily, which you can combine with analytics to keep a close track of customer usage and behavior. Once you know the customers better, you will be able to plan your brand outreach strategy effectively.

Collaborate with micro-influencers

While influencer marketing has been a big trend in recent years, it is all set to get bigger now. If you haven’t already invested in influencer collaboration, go after the opportunity right now. Find a micro-influencer who shares brand values and is most likely to connect with your audience on the chosen platform. Don’t forget to keep an eye on influencer marketing ROI because spending your money wisely matters the most right now. Engaging with micro-influencers helps you start an authentic conversation around your product and builds trust, which is vital in the new normal.

Give authentic recommendations

You can take brand authenticity to the next level by providing the audience with the most relevant recommendations through high-quality, educational, and helpful content. There couldn’t be a better way of acquiring the visibility for your brand in the existing situation when people are searching as much for genuine information as for products and services. Pay attention to what your audience is searching for and create content that answers their questions and addresses their pain points. They will have good reasons to recognize and recall your brand.

Be as transparent as possible

As consumers struggle with a crisis, trust and transparency become the mainstay of branding. Pretending that you are doing business, as usual, is the worst mistake any brand can make. Rather, being genuine and communicating your concerns with your customers will make you more relatable. Show them that their well-being matters to you and highlight the measures you have implemented for ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

Winning the branding game in the new normal is all about genuine and humanized interactions with your customers. The more you try to stay in touch, the better chances you have with brand visibility and viability.