Healthcare In The Pandemic Era

Healthcare In The Pandemic Era- How Tech Is The Emerging Trend

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 11:02 am

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The world has probably seen the worst of the COVID pandemic but it is still far from over. In fact, the idea of returning to the pre-pandemic normal seems to be a distant dream right now for businesses. Though every domain has witnessed a major transition, the healthcare segment has been at the center of things. Although caregivers across the globe have done everything possible to combat the pandemic, there is still much that the players in the field need to do for realigning with the challenges of the post-pandemic world. Much depends on embracing the right technologies to take your practice to the next level. Here are the healthcare technology trends that you can expect to see ahead.

Virtual is the Biggest Reality

The pandemic has made social distancing a norm as people are encouraged to stay at home unless they have something crucial to handle. Today, virtual consultations have become a reality that no one can ignore. Unless a patient has a dire health issue, they are recommended to see the provider only through a telehealth consultation. Practices and hospitals have already invested in apps that deliver such services for a range of conditions, from primary care check-ups, to medication follow up, urgent care, and even COVID-19 screenings.

The Era of AI-based Chatbots

Apart from telehealth services, patients look for reliable healthcare information and solutions during the pandemic. Since clinical experts’ have limited time amid the healthcare crisis, AI-based chatbots have emerged as a smart alternative. These bots are available for essential communication with patients, providing them contextual information that resolves their queries and answers their concerns. The technology is likely to be big in the future as well.

Healthcare Marketing Goes Digital

The industry has made a shift towards digital, not only with the way it delivers patient care but also the way brands market themselves. Whether it is hospitals or private practices, all kinds of providers are making the online switch. Even medicated marketing is being widely used to promote cannabis products and brands. A business cannot expect to extend its reach unless it invests in an impressive online presence, with elements such as a website, social media pages, online ads, and a holistic digital marketing plan. As the population becomes more tech-savvy, so too does the healthcare industry. The pandemic has turbo-charged the adoption of new healthcare marketing ideas, with incredible results for many health practices.

Remote Monitoring with Wearable Devices

Although wearable devices and apps have been around for quite some time, providers have now embraced them for mainstream patient care and treatment in the COVID era. Earlier, people used wearable technology mainly for pursuing their fitness goals. But it is now gaining traction for delivering real-time patient insights to the providers so that they can constantly track the health of critical patients remotely and even provide help in case of medical emergencies. 

The pandemic’s impact on public health is surely horrendous but thankfully, technology has come to the rescue of healthcare organizations and providers. These technologies have a huge potential when it comes to maintaining the standards of patient care during the crisis and continuing with them in the post-pandemic era as well.