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How Is Technology Aiding the Evolution of Casinos and the Gaming Industry?

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 11:22 am

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The rapid growth in applied sciences around us doesn’t really need to be pointed out. Every aspect of life is progressing towards automation and improvement. The touch of technology has found its way to casino tech and the gaming industry.  Follow the blog of Michelle Thomas, our gambling specialist, to learn more about the casino industry.

Better casino technology will make it easier to find better places to play video poker for free, among a whole bunch of other things. What are these? Read on to find out!

The Obvious Example

Let’s begin with online casinos and get it out of the way. Today, online casinos such as Fun88 have better graphics, an engaging 3D atmosphere, a chatbot for customer service, and chat rooms for players. What’s more, they are no longer limited to websites.

Canada is one of the few countries that is braving its way towards online gambling. With the passing of Bill C-218 in June this year, Canada has opened its markets wide for legalized sports betting. This is a huge change and one that is likely to have a few other rolling changes wrapped into it. The legalization of sports betting might pave the way for all manner of legalized casinos to be opened up, and when the industry undergoes a boom and grows, new technologies are pulled into the fold to make everything so much better.

In the next section, we will look at a few technological advancements that have made the world of online gambling a better and more exciting place to be in!

Best Use of Modern Technology in the World of Online Casinos

  1. Versatility of Use

Gone are the days where you needed to sit at a computer to enjoy the game. You had to log in to play – then, upon logging out, you’d wonder about all the chances you were missing out on while you were away from the computer. With a smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can now take your games with you on the go! Get everything out of your game on the commute to work, while on break, or whenever you have leisure. Most online casinos can be accessed on phone browsers independent of whether you’re using Apple or Android, so this is a huge bonus. You can read and learn about the best habits of a successful lifestyle in the casinos in this article.

  1. AR and VR Casinos

That’s right! Augmented and virtual reality casinos are now a thing! With a smartphone and headset that allows us to harness the power of this technology, we can add whole new dimensions of immersion to our online games.

Get the feel of playing in an actual casino without even having to leave your room! In the time of the pandemic, this can be a close substitute for a land-based casino. Imagine having the feeling of playing slots, poker, blackjack, and any number of other games in actual time, in real life, but with none of the hassle involved. Augmented and virtual reality can help you achieve such wonders.

With a headset that allows for crisp graphics and audio, you will feel like you’re really there! As the technology advances further, there could even be ways you can feel the texture of cards and smell the atmosphere. 

  1. AI in Casinos

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for the future. AI has been used in card games for decades. Remember playing Solitaire or Hearts on your computer? You can similarly play blackjack or poker against the machine. Why not challenge yourself?

Outside of this, AI helps manage the behind-the-scenes elements, too. Ever run across those chatbots that provide assistance to your questions? That’s artificial intelligence in action, helping to make your life easier. In fact, many of the basic functions of a customer care team can be handled by AI if given proper instructions.

  1. Improved Payment Gateways

Back in the old days, making payments in online casinos used to be a hassle. There was a severe limitation in the number of options you had at your disposal. Not so anymore. You can use your credit or debit card to make payments, as well as e-wallets and other options.

Continuing this trend towards cashless transactions, some casinos even enable you to pay in cryptocurrencies. This is the most anonymous way of paying. At the same time, using some of these options might also net you a cashback


The only constant in life is a change. Growth and advancement are the pillars of technology, and all the fruits it has born have led to the boom in slot machines technology, as well as those of every other game. This is what makes the gambling arena such an exciting and vibrant place! There is always something new happening, and by partaking, you enrich your life.