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How to Convert Word DOC Files to PDF Efficiently With PDFBear

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023 at 04:00 am

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It has been a challenging task for some to convert word documents to PDF. Word documents are always present as default programs when buying PCs and laptops. However, some of these documents in the Microsoft Office do not allow the Word doc version. Instead, it requires converting the document to PDF styles. Some download applications for conversion, looking for the best to suit their needs and converting speed. Others try to re-type the words in PDF applications, making so much effort with re-doing. However, later on in this article, we’ll teach you how to convert your documents from Word DOC to PDF. So, stick around to learn more!

What Are the Distinctions Between PDFs And Word Documents?

Besides the many questions, PDF stands for a Portable Document Format. Thus, PDF can work with various types of data like texts, images, audio, and graphics. A Word document is purely for creating and editing documents.

For a better reflection of the difference between the two, here are some pros’ a PDF offers:

  • Preferred by printers

Professional printers often accept PDF files, unlike Word documents. This is because PDF can produce a high-quality resolution for printing with authentic texts or image layout on the page.

  • Minimizes file sizes

Decreased size of files for sending and receiving documents is a great help for professionals. It makes the file easy to transfer and send. Also, the PDF still provides its user’s high resolution of images and presentations a great deal.

  • Cost-free reading

Word documents guarantee its users the availability of using the program through its premium account. Reading PDF files will never cost its users. It offers a free program. Just downloading the program on your PCs or laptops will allow anyone to read or check your file.

The programs that PDF work with are Adobe Acrobat, edit a PDF online with a free PDF editor, Nitro PDF, and Foxit Reader. As of now, there are a lot of groups that will work with PDF programmers. The increased need for customers’ usage of PDF increases the demand for more program collaboration.

  • Universality

PDF is encrypted with laws, enabling its composer, or writer to know the better texts to present. Also, great effort was made by PDF since it allows people with disabilities to access their tool using their screen reader or text to speech tool.

  • Security

Confidential texts or presentations are always in PDF format because it requires a high level of privacy to open. A sender may add a password for the receiver to open the document. This effort will ensure security in the document transfer.

How to Convert Word DOC to PDF?

PDF styles are more in demand in transferring files. However, how do we try to convert Word to PDF using Sodapdf word convert? Let’s check out the lists below:

  •     First, finding the proper PDF conversion application is the key. It is safer to use the mobile application and rarely affected by viruses.

is easy to check and primarily free from viruses. However, the great deal is the constant advertisements that will always pop-up.

If you will use a laptop or computer to install the PDF conversion tool, make sure there are no apparent viruses. Please try to keep in mind that conversion needs the internet. PDF conversion applications are never offline apps. They need the internet to process their conversion.

  •     Second, upload your document in word format and drag it to the PDF convertible box. Try to drop it on the box with titles: Drop zone or drop a file here.
  •     Third, check the correct or proper type of document you will convert. You need to select types like RTF, TXT, DOCX, or Doc file. RTF stands for rich text formats, including the style of texts like the style, size, and color. TXT forms are literally in text styles. We do not use them in formal write-ups or presentations.

And the DOCX or doc file is the most popular word processing designed by Microsoft. It is the default application on every computer. Try to check the application you downloaded. Some of them may take DOCX files only and had no options for other word files.

You need to check the conversion application for scanned copies if it can allow options for “OCR” or Optical Character Recognition. Which can fit assess texts in scanned files? Even without the need to convert it to a word or type the text, you can readily convert this text to PDF files with some conversion application.

  •     Fourth, sit back and relax as you watch your file be converted. Some applications may require a couple of seconds for the conversion process. Others may just take a few. It takes a lot of time in conversion for texts or documents that have more word counts and presentation through experience—the shorter the document, the quicker the speed time.
  •     Fifth, edit your converted PDF document. Try to make them concise and change their layouts. Some conversion programs will allow your original texts to be converted 100%. However, still, you may encounter scenarios that will change the output.

Most of the changes happen if documents to convert have tables and graphs. Surely the content will be the same, not just the format of how they were done in the document. Try not to rely on the tool; always check the PDF file’s details before saving them.

  •     Sixth, save the file. In saving files, another tip is to make them organized. Try to make folders according to your topics needed and workload. It consumes time to find documents in scattered folders. An organized folder will always solve your time.


Word documents are always at hand to use, even offline. Unfortunately, PDF files are more preferred in professional outputs. The composition of text takes time to be converted. Be sure to check your text’s layouts, grammar and match even the slightest details of margin and formats.

Always try to find the best conversion tool that will suit your needs. Be prepared for any changes made to the document. Check the converted file always. It is better to be well-prepared at all times. And last, saved files are most welcomed in organized folders.