How to Find a VPN Service

How to Find a VPN Service to Fit Your Needs

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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A virtual private network or VPN is not a brand new technology that just became a part of our everyday internet browsing. It was first developed and used by and for big corporations. It’s not surprising since the integrity of authorized information was a focal point for specialists. Yet, it soon became obvious that average online users need it too. 

Many people ignore the perks of having a VPN because they believe extra spendings would be devastating for them. Yet, it is easy to find the best choice on the market and make a smart decision that wouldn’t cost you a fortune. A VPN is a must for anyone who works online, both using their own and public WiFi network.

Everyone needs to secure their information and prevent data breaches, especially when you are a student. Every daily routine you have as a student with the increased workload, including looking for the best essay writing service and reading essayservice reviews by NoCramming, can be hijacked. It is chilling to imagine every project of yours and hard work going to the wrong hands. But why would someone need my essays and projects? 

While aiming at your work, hackers get access to other information that you wouldn’t like to be exposed to. It means that the following information can get leaked:

  • Your name and surname, including your social security number;
  • Your passwords; 
  • Your credit card and bank account numbers;  
  • Your private photos and texts.

With the further advances in hacking software, we need to always be two steps ahead to protect our data.  

Avoid Free Options and Be Vigilant About Terms and Conditions

Even though having a free VPN may be a tempting choice for a student. Free VPN doesn’t exist with the sole purpose of giving all needed features out of benevolence. Many companies provide free access to their product store, record, and log your activity and data to sell it to third parties. It is the antonym of security and anonymity on the Internet. 

Even if you choose a free trial, be careful and read the policy and terms of use before agreeing to sign up for it. Some options that might be cheaper to industry leaders can still illegally capitalize on your unawareness. No-log policy means none of your actions would be stored and used. 

Look For the Key Features According to Your Needs

If you want to get more from your streaming services, look for server locations. As well, pay attention to location restrictions to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

If you work with university and company materials, look for encryption and high bandwidth. It ensures that your internet connection won’t suffer from having an extra layer of protection. 

VPN is always an additional checkpoint that reflects an attack from outside. You also get the possibility to get access to restricted content for your area and stay anonymous while browsing. Usually, many companies cover all of the needs within one package.

Check for Several Simultaneous Connections 

When you are actively using a VPN, the more connections your VPN allows, the better. It is a question of convenience and functionality that should be available for any user. Even if you don’t see the reason for such a feature, there still should be a possibility for it. 

Usually a higher level subscription and package increase the number of connections available for one user. While you’re working, your friends can arrange a perfect Netflix movie night, and no one will experience any issues with internet speed connection. 

Device Compatibility 

Many companies offer products compatible with major popular operating systems. The rare exception from the list might be Linux systems. Some products can be integrated as set-top boxes and routers. You should check it beforehand if you want a smooth and flawless flow. 

It depends on your convenience and requests from the company. A home router is a perfect choice for home usage, while cross-platform apps are a must for people who have different brands of devices at hand.

Is There a Support Team Ready to Help You?

Not every manual is spot on, and not every situation can be solved by a casual “hit it three times and see what happens”. As well, you can face a problem with billing and other aspects when buying a VPN product. Preferable, there would be no issues at all.  

But if something happens, there should be a team of professionals who can help you. You might not contact the support team as often as you anticipate if at all. Yet, you need people who know their product inside out and who would be patient and professional with any of their customers.

Listen to Users and What They Have to Say

This step should be taken with a grain of salt. A user review can be a cautionary tale or an old wound that a customer didn’t resolve with a company. Often you can read some chilling stories of betrayal and revenge in the review section, and it’s worth checking even out of curiosity. 

Yet, if there’s a strange tendency of receiving one star for poor connection or crashes, then probably it’s true and you should look for another product. 

Compare Prices of the Best Picks

The least important step is to line up your favorites and pick the most suitable one. Some products might look like twins, while others would be superior in comparison to their competitors. Many students have a strict budget, and subscribing to the Pro plan would be too much for them. On the other hand, there could be an option offering similar features and for less money.

What Else Can I Do to Protect My Data?

  • Pay attention to how often you change passwords and your account notifications; 
  • Be extra cautious what web pages you visit and what data you share; 
  • If possible, use 2-step verification for all of your social media accounts;
  • Consider using antivirus along with other means of protection;

Wrapping Up

The final decision always depends on fitting the budget and covering your primary needs. It may seem exhausting to read all customer reviews and go through all pros and cons. But your security and comfort would be worth all the research in the end.