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Instagram Aggregator – What is it and What Are Its Benefits?

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 08:21 am

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today, with almost one billion active monthly users. It is easy to use, making it aesthetically pleasing for the brands to promote their product or service through hashtags and posts. 

Images are the way in which hashtags are communicated. But did you know, 70% of the hashtags used are branded? This figure indeed lets you wonder what your followers are sharing using your brand’s hashtag? Millions of people are sharing awe-inspiring pictures of your brand; what do they, after all, have to say? How can you use Instagram to see all of what people are posting? Moreover, can you use Instagram engagement to drive traffic to your website?

The answer to all your questions is pretty simple, Instagram aggregator. 

How Does An Instagram Aggregator Work?

In today’s age, the best way to market your product is through user-generated content. People today want to know the reviews of the products that they want to purchase, and Instagram has become the perfect place to find them. 

The Instagram aggregator is a tool that smartly collects, curates, and displays Instagram feed on a single screen or website. There are various tools that help you perform all the tasks. 

Utilizing growth tool for Instagram is on the rise. It is an effective way to enhance your audience’s engagement, interaction, and conversion. Buzzoid is a good growth tool for Instagram. So you may check Buzzoid and its all features here. Also, this review of Buzzoid may give you a good perception about using this application for Instagram. It helps in gathering the relevant content from the vast eternity of content that’s there. 

What Are The Benefits Of An Instagram Aggregator?

Discover User Generated Content

Instagram aggregator helps in discovering content generated by the users. This kind of content is more trusted more by the users, gets more engagement, increases conversion, and improves the brand image. 

Using UGC at its maximum potential, brands can also build a robust relationship with the users as they can see what the users have to say about it and repost the same. This process generates promising authenticity. 

Instagram aggregator combines all this content, filters out what’s irrelevant, and displays the most appealing posts that the users have shared through mentions and hashtags. You can further embed this on your website and fetch more eye-balls.  

Builds Trust

People trust the words of others more than they trust any other marketing strategies formulated by the brands. 

It is no longer astonishing that 90% of people make their purchase decisions depending upon others’ reviews. Hence, one of the biggest benefits of aggregating Instagram is that it showcases reliable content containing users’ real experiences. 

The reviews make new customers trust the brand easily, and they are not any more hesitant before taking action, unlike any description given on the e-commerce sites, which can make them feel skeptical. 

Better Engagement

UGC being more trustable and authentic, it is a no-brainer that people engage more with it. The visual posts shared by users get more attention than any other branded content. 

When you aggregate content that brings forth a diversity of topics, humanized components, empathetic values, and involvement of users, that makes way for higher engagement. 

Instagram aggregator combines the best from amongst the vast ocean of content shared by the users. And when a new demographic of the audience comes across this, they also get inspired to create content and get featured. Hence, a two-way communication, engagement, and gratification. 

More Conversion

The biggest benefit of using an Instagram aggregator is that it drives easy conversions, which is where marketers and brands’ interest is vested into. 

It is pretty evident that UGC influences the decisions of the users big-time, making positive reviews and an excellent customer experience, extremely essential. 

The say of the existing users has an impact on the sales and revenue. Visual posts help the potential customers understand what has been the user experience. All these aggregated reviews became social proof and thus drove more conversion.

Easy & Efficient Access To Valuable Content

Content has become the king of the market. Creating content that is both interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, dynamic, and differential is a challenge. Access to UGC is not only valuable but also makes sure of an endless flow of content. 

This content can not just be used for the purpose of marketing but can also be aggregated and displayed on websites, digital signages, live events, etc. 

Since it is easily available, it requires minimum capital investment, effort and can be curated and moderated in no time using a social media aggregation tool. 


Using an Instagram aggregator to maximize your UGC efforts is becoming non-negotiable.

It maximizes your effort to stand out, grabs more attention, helps in customer acquisition and retention, ignites interactions, builds a positive brand image, and provides a feeling of being appreciated to the users who make attempts at posting about the brand.