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IoT Mobile Applications Trends that Would Disrupt the World by 2020

Last updated on October 2nd, 2023 at 04:13 pm

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Generally speaking the observance for the connected world of the IoT is evolving at a great pace with numerous entrepreneurs and businesses fast adapting to the norms. In the future, there should be smart cameras affixed at the ATM centers increasing customers’ banking safety. Patients will have the in-house convenience to consult with a doctor and get treated. Shoppers placing their orders will increase with the help of smart speakers right from their homes.

Furthermore, IoT services will get richly rewarded in 2020 with maximum integration practiced in finance, logistics, retail, and healthcare industries. A crude estimate on a number of connected devices in 2020 will reach nearly 20 billion’s with a business value scooping to USD 300 billion. Everyday problems in the office and home can be better handled through IoT Mobile App trends in 2020 leveraging IoT Sensors, Network and Applications built-in the IoT enabled devices.

If these trends get ignored in a mobile apps development company that lacks in the investment planning then it will in most cases leads to a potential loss to their business. Here we have the list of prominent trends that will build the expectations of an IoT Solution Provider and IoT environment greatly.

1. Voice User Interface will benefit the consumers

The existence of next-generation smart devices created by technology leaders like Alexa, HomePod, Siri, and Google Assistant will soon be facing an intense level of competition in 2020 only for the benevolence of consumers. The once which can compete in this race will have its brand new digital assistant getting released without much of frustrations. Over an improvised scale, you should be getting smart devices like watches, wearables that are capable of forwarding commands and tracking results which might become a feasible option eventually for homes, cars and office uses.

2. AI Innovations will affect IoT

In circumstances of IoT-based app developments normally running the infrastructure and achieving performance metrics will be in control and greatly influenced by Artificial Intelligence. The vast availability of opportunities with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon towards providing services will be in-check by start-ups that are empowered with machine learning and deep learning technologies. Hence AI will be put forth to maximum use for businesses planning to interpret the enormous volume of data in the IoT environment.

3. Smart Devices to enhance IoT Developments

In the recent developments in IoT, Technology statistics confirm that there would be over 3.6 billion smart devices hooked on to the internet for performing the daily routines effectively. The 5G interface for IoT proves that any device which can send more data will have the unique power to interconnect with more no of the devices. It will more or less likely to enhance the comfort zones of home automation and raise the security and safety standards for your family.

4. Smart Cities

In 2020, there will be a sprawling number of smart homes working harmoniously towards developing a Smarter City. It should create new avenues in the city for enlivening contently with sustainable developments, decreased traffic congestion, and strengthen security. All the more now you can save on energy and cost expenses made at home by moderating on water usage, thermostat, electricity, and Wi-Fi connection.

5. IoT adds value to Transportation Infrastructure

A lot of cities irrespective of their geographies are getting liberal and investing on IoT based mobile apps developments essentially to improve Transportation facility and driver’s safety. The incessant availability of 5G mobile networks is definitely going to be a trendsetter in the IoT systems helping public transportation to become automated. Despite these developments, there will be no self-driving cars with the only exception to rejoice with the IoT connected app which can provide all the diagnostic information pertaining to the car. You can simply voice search any destination and then discover the shortest path that having less traffic for quickly reaching to that desired destination utilizing IoT based Apps.

6. Digital twin technology impacts companies with smart manufacturing

The presence of Digital twin technology will give manufacturers a clear idea of how IoT devices function and influence every other manufacturing equipment. It should enable the manufacturing industry to know well ahead of time about the possibility of a repair, breakdown, or faults during the manufacturing process. According to recent research about 48 percent of smart manufacturers are thus favoring the use of digital twin concepts for enhancing productivity at work.

7. Edge Computing for IoT Connectivity

Basically edge computing is used for enabling the transaction processing to move closer to sensors. It will reduce connection latency, saves bandwidth for IoT mobile app developments, and aid in human decisions being made affirmatively. Most of the businesses find centralized processing to be a huge stress and due to it, edge computing is getting a warm response with its easy affordability on usage.

8. Blockchain IoT Security

In the prevailing IoT Architecture, there are over 3 billion IoT Services already built and around 26 billion devices connected to the Internet making it a highly vulnerable network for ingenious hackers to target. It also refers to the intricately centralized IoT Architecture that mandates integration of Blockchain Technology and upgrades to an additional layer of security for IoT connected devices.

Usually, Blockchain is made public with high-security protection for IoT devices. It will allow IoT users to secure the private key and take full control of the blockchain network while approving low permissions for participants to transact and stay with the connected IoT blocks. While from a security perspective the Blockchain is totally decentralized with no single point of connection failure nor a prohibitive path to accessing IoT devices. Moreover, Blockchain Technology is capable of recording every transaction and retaining network capacity on all conditions.


The Internet of Things technology will become the impelling force for governing many countries towards stronger economic growth in 2020. More arguably the activation of IoT devices in homes and offices would become ubiquitous and demanding in our daily lives. Essentially, all these popular trends will be in practice on some of the IoT mobile app development companies to leverage them to build powerful IoT based Apps for upcoming entrepreneurs and businesses.