MicroMax To Re-Attain Customers

Is It Possible For MicroMax To Re-Attain Customers’ Attention?

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 12:52 pm

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Back Story of Micromax Failure

At a time once the Chinese players stressed transportation and innovative merchandise for the plenty, Micromax was self-satisfied. The complete showed very little interest in showing innovation to its smartphone vary or adapting to the 4G at that point. This was quite unsatisfactory for several as a complete like Micromax forever stressed innovation, particularly in its period. This conjointly gave the result in the Chinese brands as they were introducing new technologies at an inexpensive value purpose. “Micromax was self-satisfied in any innovation, whether or not be it in terms of technology or transportation 4G or perhaps new types of devices within the market, that these Chinese guys were already giving,” Sing same.

Micromax is conjointly unsuccessful in delivering sensible after-sales support to its customers. Though the complete encompasses a robust network of around 1300 service centers within the country, the standard of service wasn’t at par with the competition. The service center took months to repair smartphones and there have been problems with the shortage of replacement elements out there within the service centers.

Another major purpose wherever Micromax was unsuccessful wasn’t giving regular updates to its smartphone lineup. The smartphones from the corporate weren’t obtaining basic updates, leave the foremost updates alone. Multiple users complained that the phones square measure buggy in nature and therefore the company isn’t delivering fixes on time, that at the tip of the day left the client with no selection however to modify to different players. Meanwhile, we tend to see brands like Motorola, Xiaomi, Vivo, and even Samsung giving timely updates to their customers. That’s why once the buyer saw the choice, they created the switch.

Is The Comeback Possible?

So, can it be straightforward for Micromax to form a comeback within the smartphone industry? Singh believes it’s troublesome. “Micromax desires heaps of economic muscle to fight these guys (Chinese players),” he aforementioned whereas declarative to the very fact that the complete can’t form a comeback. Micromax must cross-check many things and they have to be compelled to get ducks in a row and specialize in the budget section.

Singh believes that this {can be} the section wherever Micromax has perpetually operated and it can still perform by specializing in the budget section and providing a wonderful product with an ideal value-for-money proposition to the shoppers. the corporate still has an opportunity to contend at the lower-end section because the vacuum continues to be there and not several brands square measure jumping into the entry-level class that ranges from Rs five hundred to Rs three,000. If the corporate will bring a smartphone beneath this worth vary, it’d be able to create its presence felt within the market.

But there square measure several ifs and buts. however, does one launch a smartphone beneath the entry-level section and deliver worth to the customer? however does one educate the customer? “For this, uncountable investments square measure needed, uncountable going back to the planning stage is needed, that I’m afraid Micromax won’t be able to do. as a result of the size and volume needed square measure too immense and investment consequently must be too immense,” Singh aforementioned.

For Micromax, it’s a story a few complete that turned from nobody to disruptor preferred to the fallen one. The corporate has long enjoyed the trust and love of Indian customers. The complete was once a darling to the shoppers is currently facing a crisis to survive during this business. It’s time for the complete to prove its nerve as an alternative we would shortly see another smartphone exiting the Asian country business.