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Local SEO: 8 Tips to Rule Google Maps

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Over 60% of consumers today rely on Google Maps for finding products and services in their vicinity. Be it to find a pet food store, gym, specialty restaurant, dry cleaning service, or a beauty salon, it has become a norm to check out Google Maps listing to identify and navigate towards a local business.

Till 2015, there used to be 7 businesses listed in the ‘Google Map Pack’ in a separate bar on top of the search results page. After local SEO algorithm updates in 2015, the number of businesses highlighted in the Google Map Pack has been reduced to 3.

Only when users click on ‘more places’, the entire list of relevant businesses gets displayed. As a business owner, you need to focus on reinvigorating your local SEO services to stand apart from your competitors.

Here are 8 valuable local SEO tips to feature in the much-coveted Google Map Pack.

  1. Pay attention to Google My Business (GMB)

Minute attention needs to be paid to your Google My Business Listing. As per the best providers of SEO service in Mumbai, the importance of posting detailed, accurate, and uniform information on GMB is crucial for your business to be able to rule Google Maps. Whether a potential customer is looking for service providers on the Google Search Bar or directly on Google Maps, search algorithms place maximum emphasis on your information listed in GMB. Thus Local SEO Services will always emphasize the following aspects:-

  • Your GMB listing category and sub-category should be apt as per your products/services.
  • Your listed GMB location should be owner-verified.
  • Your address should be detailed with street name, landmark, and postcode.
  • Mentioning your business timings is pivotal.
  • For online businesses targeting a local audience, having a local address or physical presence in the area you are targeting is important.
  1. Focus on Consistency of Business Details

Uniformity of Business Information is a point that cannot be stressed enough. To ensure your business and brand credibility, your business name, address, and phone number listed on GMB needs to be identical with the details mentioned on your website, social media accounts, local directory listings, and so on. Any mismatch of information can portray inconsistency on part of your business and can weaken your local SEO strategies.

  1. Display your Google Maps Location on your Website

On the contact section of your website (or the bottom of your home page or localized landing page), ensure that there is an embedded Google Map citing your exact business location. Needless to state, this location should be exactly the same as your location listed in GMB. Go the extra mile by adding directions from prominent landmarks near your location. Similarly, displaying your contact number is important, but take the extra initiative to add a phone call link for potential clients to be able to call you directly. Get more at Jhhdhasdsfg.host

  1. Customized Local Landing Pages for different locations

If your business has multiple stores, offices, or outlets, it is very important to create separate localize landing pages for each location. If you are based in Mumbai, you can collaborate with any reliable SEO Service in Mumbai or trustworthy local SEO services in your vicinity. The team will help you customize unique, local keywords-optimized landing pages for each one of your outlets or branches. Likewise creating separate GMB listings for each location is equally important.

  1. Get Cited in Local Directories– Getting your business listed in important local directories and industry authority sites is an important aspect of local SEO. For instance, if you are in the Real Estate Sector, make sure you get listed on MagicBricks and 99Acres. If you run a local electronics repair store, get listed on Justdial and Sulekha. For wholesalers, IndiaMart is the authority site. If you provide home services, get listed on UrbanClap and Urban Company.
  2. Create Separate Web pages for different products and services– Using product or service-centric, niche-specific keywords along with geographically relevant keywords gives you a better chance of ranking higher for the specific categories.
  3. Focus on GMB Reviews– Given the cut-throat competition amongst local businesses today, it has become extremely important to pay attention to your customer reviews on Google My Business. If you outsource your Online Reputation Management requirements to any digital marketing agency, ensure that they work on maximizing the number of positive, genuine reviews and fetch you a rating of 4.5 stars or above.
  4. Refrain from Keywords Stuffing– Many website owners tend to overuse keywords as part of their local SEO strategies. Keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO techniques like fake link-building might get you high rankings temporarily but will prove to be disastrous in the long run.


Local SEO has a massive scope of providing high-quality leads and conversions for your local business. With the strategic use of your Google My Business Listing along with the aforementioned aspects streamlined by a professional SEO team, you can easily rule Google Maps and get featured in the Google Map Pack.