Podcasting On Software Development

Podcasting On Software Development

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Software development isn’t explored enough within podcasts that are currently available, making it the perfect subject to start a podcast with. If you’re already an experienced software developer, podcasting is an excellent way to discuss your profession and earn money doing so. 

How To Start A Developers’ Podcast?

The production of a successful podcast is not complicated, certainly when compared to software development. The equipment needed is minimal, and you may even get away with recording from your laptop or smartphone. The only major skill you will need to hone is your conversational skills because people will not listen to a boring conversation between two guests. 

By exploring a subject you are already experienced in, you guarantee that you already have sufficient knowledge to hold a conversation during your podcast. All you need is to find some willing guests (and there are many). You can buy SoundCloud plays to boost your podcast from the get-go. SoundCloud even allows you to embed a widget of your podcast into your website, which is a nice touch.

Stay Productive While Podcasting

Since you’re podcasting on the side, you find that juggling your time between podcasting and software development is a difficult task. These are a few ways you can stay productive while doing both: 

  • Set a schedule with time included for each part of producing your podcast. Make sure you are giving yourself a little more time than expected when scheduling to keep from accumulating unfinished tasks. 
  • Write your podcast outline before recording to keep from wasting time. You don’t need to script it word for word, but a rough outline of what needs to be mentioned during the podcast will be sufficient. 
  • Plan ahead. Unless the subject of your podcast is news, it isn’t time-sensitive. So record a month prior to releasing any episodes, so you will always have a backlog to post from. Release them on a schedule, and you’re covered for any unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Automate what you can, within reason. Podcasting requires a lot of engagement, whether it’s with your listeners or fellow podcasters. Social media marketing for your podcasts takes time, so try to create content in bulk and automate posting it on social media, or sending emails. If a computer can do it just as well as you can (albeit faster) why not let the computer take some of the load off your shoulders?
  • Outsource as soon as you need to. Podcasts require designs, marketing content, and a lot of work besides the podcast content itself. By delegating these smaller tasks to someone else you are free to focus on the main content creation part of your podcast. You’d be surprised how much you can get done without a to-do list that never ends. This applies to both podcasting and software development: don’t hesitate to outsource smaller tasks. 

Benefits Of Podcasting For Software Developers

Besides potential income you can earn directly from the podcasts, these are some of the other benefits of running a podcast:

Marketing Your Software Projects

When discussing software on your podcast it is inevitable that you will mention software that you have already developed. This can be considered raising awareness of your brand, and thus marketing, software that you develop. Podcasting is part of your social media marketing campaign. 


As you expose yourself to the varying ideas of guests on your podcast, your creative juices will definitely get flowing. Your guests can be an excellent source of inspiration for your software development and you may even find new ways to solve old problems in your software. Think of it as a public forum or discussion, but recorded. 

Active Audience

People who read blogs may scroll to the part of the article they require and skip reading the rest. Listeners to a podcast must listen to it entirely, without a way to skim through the content selectively. This means that your audience is actively listening to you and learning from you. In this way, podcasting is a way to build a better relationship with your target market. 

Brand Image

As a software developer, you may not be thinking of a brand image as much as business owners do. However, your image as a successful software developer can be built up as more people listen to your podcast and start to perceive you as an authority on the subject. You will gain credibility in this way, as more and more people know of your extensive expertise.


As you host more guests on your podcasts, you will be effectively networking on a professional level. Every guest will bring with them a network of people who might need your expertise. So think of podcasting as a great way to enhance your career by allowing you to network with others in your field. 

To sum it up, podcasting is an easy way to diversify your software development skills and build a relationship with potential clients.