Record Music Using Smartphone

Record Your Music Using Your Smartphone

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Don’t have the budget for a professional studio recording? Don’t worry; this article will help remedy that. Soon you will be able to record your music, distribute it, and even buy apple music plays to reach more listeners. 

As an aspiring artist, you may have done all your research on the different ways to distribute your music online. You’ve probably read up on everything, from Spotify to YouTube to paying for your music to be added on Apple Music. But before you record anything, all your research will be wasted. This article will help you record your music using a smartphone. 

What Professional Studios Have That You Need To Replicate

Several factors come into play when creating a sound file with crisp, clear audio. It would be best to replicate the same conditions of a professional studio as closely as possible.


Recording studios have soundproof walls that insulate background noises to keep the recordings clearer. You can quickly achieve this by going into a quiet room of your house where you already know you won’t be disturbed. 

No Echoes

A recording studio is a place that doesn’t resonate at all. Essentially, it should be the opposite of an auditorium. This is so whatever small noises you make (other than singing, which is relatively louder) will be absorbed by the room instead of being recorded and compromising your audio. 

An excellent hack for people recording at home is to scatter foam rollers in the room. They are a cheap solution because they absorb a lot of the noise that would otherwise bounce off the walls and be included in your recording. Other soft materials (think: upholstery, carpeting, bedding) are suitable as well. 

A Better Microphone

Even if you have the latest smartphone, chances are, the microphone at a recording studio is infinitely better. However, there are ways around this issue. The results are remarkable, albeit of slightly lower quality.

Tips On Recording Using Your Smartphone

It may not be perfect, but smartphones have advanced technologically enough to have a somewhat decent microphone, and there are several apps available to help you with editing (which you will inevitably need). Here are a few things you can do to enhance the quality of your smartphone recordings:

  • Locate the microphone on your smartphone and keep it pointed in the direction of the person singing. A tripod helps keep it steady. Also, make sure that the microphone is not obstructed at any point during the recording. Fiddling with your phone will only cause scratching sound to be recorded over your audio. 
  • Experiment with your phone to approximate the optimal distance between you and the microphone. If it is too close, you risk blowing a lot of wind into the microphone and creating a lot of background noise. Too far, and your recording might not be loud enough.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode to avoid interrupting your recording with any messages or calls. Even a slight vibration can sound very loud because the sound is closer to the microphone.