Software Testing in Digital Transformation

Role of Software Testing in Successful Digital Transformation

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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The Need for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has accelerated faster than any technology ever. Businesses depend on software applications, which increases customer engagement, and teams work remotely to perform their jobs. However, in this digital era, it is critical to focus on customer experience, communication, and security factors to provide quality products to the customers. It is extremely important to involve software and QA testing a part of a product development cycle so that quality products can be released. In order to meet the current need for digital 

transformation, it is important to invest in an independent software testing company and ensure faster and quality apps into the market. 

Roadblocks to Quality Assurance 

One of the major roadblocks for organizations’ ability to ensure the quality users expect is to have a reliable test environment to perform their testing processes successfully. Ideally, a test environment consists of the following:

  • The applications, code, and third-party components 
  • Data sets for any process in the software development process including testing 
  • The IT infrastructure including computers, networks, security, etc. 

Impact on Different Businesses 

This rapid development in the digital transformation era has made business owners pay attention to major issues that were neglected earlier. They need to make certain changes to their systems, technology, and culture that include:

  • The dependency on online systems has increased for all teams including IT, developers, and QA teams. Thus, it is important to use IT solutions to keep pace with this development. 
  • Digital customers rely majorly on responsive systems. Thus, businesses should have a number of alternatives for their customers to utilize. 
  • Customers and employees are more dependent on their organization’s IT solutions. So their systems should be effective in order to maintain higher productivity. 

Quality assurance teams are under immense pressure to ensure faster and quality software releases. It means that firms need to invest in a rigorous software testing process and ensure they meet their release deadlines. In order to keep pace with the growing need for software testing, businesses hire an independent software testing company.

The Current QA Process 

We can see that besides neglecting the presence of a good test environment, organizations also tend to follow obsolete QA practices that lead to disastrous results. It is important to update these practices so that they can meet the current project requirements by leveraging modern technology and best industry practices. 

Best QA Practices 

These practices and limitations affect the productivity of multiple organizations and ask for a change in the current era. Organizations need to be more proactive and focus on the best industries and environment capabilities. In this way, organizations can boost their productivity and more towards successfully adapting to changes in the current difficult times. The modern QA practices and are key elements for a successful digital transformation and survival in the digital age. 

  • Stop focusing on front-end automation 
  • Use the automation pyramid to QA automation 
  • Wide coverage on the unit and code-embedded automation, limited automation coverage on API and minimal amounts of front-end and manual limited to critical processes 
  • Utilize testing practices by leveraging multiple environments, release patterns and feature toggles in the code
  • Replicate and generate an automated environment to enable multiple and parallel QA practices. 


Most of the QA processes include manual executions, excessive amounts of automation, intense focus on defects, no attention to unit tests, and limited provision of test environments. These obsolete practices affect the productivity of the QA teams and their capability to achieve the desired results. Additionally, QA teams fail to achieve such projects due to being less agile. The time and effort these processes require are unmaintainable and insufficient for the QA teams. IT is important to manage the QA process in a much more effective way. The modern QA process requires a different mindset, test environments, etc. With independent testing services, firms focus on improving their QA process and also invest in the right software testing strategy. In order to keep up with the current need for a more effective QA, an independent software testing company should be considered. It can be a major success factor for companies and it can also help in aligning their business goals with the software testing efforts. In order to ensure that modern best QA practices are being used and optimize their quality processes, firms should evolve in different ways. They need to remove the obsolete QA practices, utilize the modern testing tools, and make the most of their testing.