Rolex: What Makes This Timepiece Brand so Special?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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When it comes to the top luxury watch brands in the world, the brand that always stands out is the one and only Rolex. In any list or article, you would always find Rolex. But you might wonder, with so many exquisite watches around, why is this particular brand so special? There is something so mysterious about the brand and its popularity that it’s only normal for anyone, especially those who aren’t very familiar with timepieces to think why this brand is always considered a cut above the rest.

So, in this article, we’re giving you ten facts about the Rolex watch to help you learn more about the brand and why it’s the most coveted of all the other timepieces available today. Keep reading to know more!

  • Rolex uses a special steel

Most watches you can find use stainless steel because of its durability and easy maintenance. But most watches would only use 316L steel which is good because it’s durable and safe on the skin. However, Rolex uses 904L steel which is more expensive compared to 316L steel. Since 2003, the brand has made all its models in 904L steel and what sets it apart from other steels is that it’s more rust and corrosion-resistant. It’s also harder than other steels. 904L steel can take and hold polishes very well, so you can see a big difference in how it shines. Rolex has a machine for this type of steel and since it’s more complicated to manufacture. And this is why it’s special and also more expensive.

  • Everything is hand-assembled and tested

In these modern times or machines, most watch companies want to be more cost-efficient by manufacturing their watches with machines. But Rolex likes to stick to its artisan roots by making everything by hand. Of course, in some processes of manufacturing, machines are still used, but for the most part, it’s safe to say that Rolex watches are hand-assembled since their many parts of the watch need careful attention. After assembly, they go through several tests before release. The brand likes to ensure quality for each timepiece they make and they truly exert a lot of time and effort for them.

  • The gold they use are all made in-house

Rolex has its own in-house foundry for their gold. This means they don’t need to order gold from a different company or source because they make it themselves. They use large kilns under hot flames to melt and mix different metals for the watches cases and bracelets. Since they have control over the production of their gold, quality and aesthetics are ensured.

  • An independent science lab

Rolex relies on its own science lab and scientist for the research and development of the watches. They have well-equipped professional science labs in their different facilities to research more effective and efficient techniques on manufacturing. The brand is extremely competent with its techniques and wants to uphold its name as a top luxury timepiece brand.

  • Rolex invests in security

A single Rolex watch comprises different precious metals and gems. So, it’s only fair that they keep these materials safe. But the brand is extra careful because they employ a series of extremely meticulous security checks in their facilities. They also have safes that are very hard to break-in. Only those with special access can open these safes. And each worker’s ID badge must be docked at all times after a fingerprint scan. It’s amazing how they put a lot of effort into keeping their products and facilities safe, but that should be a given since the brand’s production is no joke!

  • Pressurized tanks with water are used for Rolex dive watches

Each Rolex Oyster case watch is tested for water resistance in a very thorough manner. They use air-pressure tanks for this method. When a watch is placed in a small chamber filled with air, if it has any pressure changes, then it means that air leaks into the case. Before and after the movement and dial are placed inside the watch case, it’s tested for air pressure.

After the air pressure tests, they undergo water resistance tests. Each Submariner and Deep Sea watch is submerged in water. But Submariners specifically are placed in large tubes with water and submerged to test if they can resist water up to 300 meters. This helps in finding out if water leaks in the case.

  • It takes almost a year to manufacture a single Rolex watch

Talk about taking things slowly and surely, right? In an old advertisement of Rolex, they claimed it takes about a year to manufacture a single Rolex watch. Even though you may be suspicious since the brand produces almost a million watches per year, it’s no doubt that they take no shortcuts in making their watch. They ensure precision and quality before releasing a product, so they’re sure to last a long time.

  • Everything is made in-house

Rolex relies on itself for everything it has. So, all the materials are made in-house and everything is assembled in their facilities. This means they don’t need to outsource from other companies or manufacturers for the materials they need to make their exquisite watches.

Where to get a Rolex watch

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Get yourself a Rolex watch

So, now you know the reasons Rolex is truly a cut above the rest from other watch brands. When you wear a Rolex, you’re not just wearing any old ordinary watch, you are wearing the cream of the crop of watches. Wear it with pride because it’s truly special and owning one is truly a pleasure and privilege!