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Starting Instagram Profile as a Travel Blogger

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 03:02 pm

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Travel Instagram accounts keep inspiring folks from all around the world to enliven their adventurous mettle and explore new places.

There nomadic and frugal influencers, who work with travel brands in numerous ways. Traveling the world and creating stellar content for trips, free merchandise/gear, and adrenaline rushing experiences, that’s your travel IG realm.

You’ve so many influencers collaborating with leading travel companies on Insta. To start your own travel IG account and make a dent in the industry, here are some pro tips from premier travel bloggers.

  • A smart username is imperative to start with. Avoid too fancy stuff, and shun confusing spellings or symbols in your username. An actual name with a prefix can ensure authenticity.
  • Make sure you have a voice and proper focus. You could be just another travel IG influencer on the block, but don’t let the sheer numbers and others’ fame intimidate or overwhelm you.
  • You can fiddle with numerous ways to make a mark in your niche, regardless of anu oversaturation you may undergo in the process.
  • It’s best to be yourself. Cross-pollination of your passions can enhance your Insta account.
  • If you’ve a world outside travel, make it count. You could be a sound engineer and travel documentation. Combine your passions of travel, music, and food into one cohesive feed.

A globe of hashtags

Although there are reputable sites from where you can buy 20 likes on Instagram, nothing works better and more effectively than hashtags.

  • As a travel blogger, you can use an amalgam of regional and general hashtags. They are a great way to let others discover your content and increase your following, especially if you’re familiar with the types of hashtags you’re using.
  • When you’re traveling, considering including a couple of hashtags in three prominent segments.
  • General travel-centric hashtags can set the dice rolling. The examples are #tourism, #instatravel, #travel, 3travelwriter, #travelgram, #instago, #travelblogger, #passportready, or the most popular of them all, #wanderlust. The list is listless, to be honest.
  • Regional hashtags are extremely important. Users tend to click on them when searching for places to explore or dine out. Just ensure you include the name of monikers, city, or slogans and tags pertaining to the place you’re traveling to. It helps in capturing a more targeted base.
  • Go for branded hashtags to feature your account on influential and popular travel accounts.

Using software automation

In addition to following real people and engaging with others, travel bloggers on the platform also need to leverage software automation for their growth.

  • Most people are busy working and don’t have the bandwidth to wonder in Instagram every minute or like/comment on somebody’s posts.
  • With terrific automation engines like Archie, you can cover the likes and stuff.
  • You can choose locations, hashtags, and even other folks through software automation.
  • It’s in your best interests to tag big accounts in the travel world. It’s a painless and wonderful way to grow your IG and get new followers.

For bloggers, you can try both small and big accounts that are relevant to your content. When you’re uploading a photo, tag accounts that feature the same photo.