Apps That Boost Your Productivity

Top 5 Apps That Boost Your Productivity at Work

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Technology has made our lives much easier. This is especially true since the advent of smartphones and applications that can track any information about you – from information about your heartbeat to the amount of time you have killed on Facebook. Apps like these are popular because they can tell you a thing or two about your productivity. However, the mobile application market is very dynamic today, and it is easy to get lost with a choice. Therefore, we have compiled a selection of top 5 apps for work which will boost your productivity.


The setting, assigning, and tracking tasks manually can take a lot of your time. Trello can help with it: the app makes it easy to track the work on all projects of your team and quickly assign, monitor, and cancel tasks. Trello is not suitable for large and complex projects, just as it will not be possible to fully organize the work of the whole company with it. But when it comes to small projects or processes that don’t require industry-specific tools, Trello is almost unmatched.

So, this task management and productivity tracker is useful for:

  • Startups
  • Small business
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Social projects
  • Various project teams.

This tool is especially efficient to manage small teams, but even in individual activity, productivity increases markedly with Trello. Ideas and tasks are quickly written down, structured, and assigned so everything becomes clear, and it’s much easier for you to prioritize.


The new Weave software lets you plan your day. By launching the application, you will be taken to the My Day section. It displays a list of tasks that need to be done today, as well as those plans that you did not have time to complete on time. Below you can see a list of projects. For each task, you can set a deadline, the time it takes to complete and mark the status. If the task is not completed, it will be displayed on the main screen. As soon as the deed is done, the application will prompt you to indicate the time spent, enter costs, take into account income.

Such an application can be a good helper for a freelancer to manage your tasks, note during the day what you did and how much you earned.

Working with Weave requires registration (free, you can do it right inside the application). Data can be exported in CSV format (and, accordingly, imported into other applications).


This app looks for articles on interesting topics for you and can be a great help in your work. Do you remember how many times it happened that you were looking for the necessary information longer than you read it? News360 will fix this problem and speed up the process of finding information: it collects statistics on topics that are important to you and adjusts the news feed accordingly. So, how to boost your productivity with this app? Just give yourself more free time instead of researches.

For example, if you are interested in technology, it can determine which areas and specific products and companies are relevant to you, understand your degree of technical background, and offer you exactly those articles that will be most interesting. This is based on a sophisticated technology of semantic text analysis and personalization, but all that the user sees is a beautiful and convenient interface, where there is no need to configure and search for anything.

And if you need to write an article by yourself, then you can use the services of the Best Writers Online academic writing company and you will quickly receive professional help.


This is a program that monitors exactly what you spend your time on (and not just about work). It helps you procrastinate less and organize your day properly. The next time you read other people’s posts on Facebook or watch a video on Youtube, the application will show that you’ve spent not five minutes, but two hours on it. It will become clear why the working day ends too quickly, and you do not have time to meet the deadlines.

RescueTime can be installed on devices with different operating systems – from Windows to Linux. RescueTime is suitable for both mobile and PC.

To get started with Rescue Time:

  • create a profile;
  • download and install the application on all your devices;

After launching the application, you can safely work, forgetting about the application, and remember only in the evening to see how the day went. Or remember at the beginning of next week, when the last week’s report arrives in the mail.


Forest is a mobile application that will help you focus on important tasks. In it, you set the period when you will be busy with an important matter and do not want to be distracted by your smartphone. As soon as you have set the timer, a tree is planted, which will grow along with you doing your business. The moment your touch your smartphone to take a look at Insta feed, the tree dies. So the next time you want to be distracted by social networks, you will already think about what is more important to you – not letting the tree die or checking messages.

The application keeps statistics: you can see how long Forest has been working on a particular day, how many trees have been grown. Statistics are available for the day, week, month, and year. It is pleasant to look at the forest over a long period: if it is dense, you immediately think, how smart and productive you are. And it’s a shame if you come across dead trees there.


Productivity is now a goddess on the Olympus of buzzwords. But productivity is often confused with being active. It is good and useful to be active but it’s not enough to achieve truly significant results. Why? Because the activity is solely about quantity, but productivity is, you guessed it, about quality.

There are many applications to use while you work, so we have included the most popular and useful productivity boosters. These apps can greatly improve your workflow and elevate you to guru status. So hurry up to install these apps and get to work productively.