Features of iOS 14

Top 5 Features of iOS 14

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 11:03 am

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Recently, Apple has presented a new version of the operating system called iOS14. With this version, users still can read books or place bets online on different sites, including this Canadian casino online, but they also can access extra features. Keep reading to know the most essential of them.

Notifications About the Clipboard Operation

Back in iOS 13, third-party apps could access the clipboard, copy data from it, and use it for their purposes without restrictions. This serious privacy issue allowed the interception of the user:

  • Bank card numbers.
  • Transaction confirmation codes.

Active users of the Apple ecosystem risked data from the shared clipboard in the process. Copy something important to a Mac, and a second later the iPhone app intercepts it.

With a new version, developers have added alert banners that instantly give away thieves while receiving data from the buffer. Immediately after the release of the first test versions of iOS 14 TikTok, AliExpress, and some other apps were spotted on it.

It is impossible to disable this feature. So, app developers had to disable the clipboard, so as not to scare users.

Tracker Report in Safari

The iOS browser has learned to block common trackers that collect information about the user.

Besides, you have access to a report of blocked trackers on the current resource, the most popular tracking systems on the sites you visit. Furthermore, you get detailed statistics on trackers blocked in the last 30 days.

Sign Up With Apple ID

Apple’s Sign Up with Apple ID allows you to sign in to the site more securely and anonymously.

An Apple ID will be used for authorization, and a random email address will be generated for the site. You won’t have to enter your real details when registering, and you won’t get tons of spam or unnecessary mailings later.

Recommendations for Changing Saved Passwords

This handy tool for storing passwords in the cloud has a useful feature.

The system analyzes saved authorization codes and performs an analysis of the data obtained. As a result, the user can see recommendations for changing passwords to certain sites or services right in the system settings.

iPhone will notify you if several sites are using the same password. It will state a compromised code found in public network password databases or a too easy access code frequently used by others.

Protect Network Devices From Being Scanned

Some applications can scan the local network, to which the user is connected, and send the statistics to the developer.

So, you can determine the number of gadgets nearby, their IP-address, identify devices, and get service information about them.

The new iOS settings section covers this loophole. It can be found on the Local Network page. It’s safe to disable access for most apps. Yet, don’t forget to allow network access for all kinds of media players, smart homes, and gadget management utilities.