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Top 5 Middle-Sized Web Development Companies With European Roots

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 10:11 am

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Web development can be defined as the development and maintenance of web pages. It incorporates database management, web publishing, web programming, and web design. Human resources required to create websites are called web developers. These web developers program websites and guarantee that they perform efficiently and reliably.

There has been an increase the in demand for websites in the past few years. In fact, all small and medium–sized businesses prefer making websites for their products to make product portfolios for their customers. Therefore, they search for the best web development companies. All organizations may not have the budget to hire an expensive and large web development company.

So, we have compiled a list of the top 5 middle-sized web development companies that can ensure excellent work quality.


Cleveroadd tops the list. It is primarily a software development company that develops complex business-driven solutions. It focuses on transparency and innovation and ensures the best product delivery. Major areas of expertise include:

  •         Native web and mobile development
  •         Cloud and Microservices solutions
  •         Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science
  •         Augmented reality and Industrial IoT
  •         Cross-platform solutions.

This company is famous because it creates flexible web development solutions that can fit any budget and industry. Be it a small-sized, medium-sized, or huge company, their main aim is to make clients happy.

  •         Understanding of business objectives and cases
  •         Defining project scope and delivery process
  •         The expert vision of the future product’s functionality;
  •         Experts’ vision and functionality and future product
  •         A rough estimation of the cost


This web development company consists of more than 200 designers and developers who are ready to convert your idea into mind-boggling products. They provide an extremely big variety of services that contains digital design and product development, which encompasses blockchain services. They incorporate DevOps, Machine Learning, Django and Python, Flutter, and ReactJS. This will help to consider the organization’s requirements and develop excellent performing solutions. They also offer staff augmentation, if you want to scale your team and fill any skill gaps.

They are in this market since 2009. They have created and designed digital apps for hundred of businesses globally in Australia, Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. Their work has been praised in Wired, The New York Times, The Economist, and TechCrunch.


It is also primarily a software development company based in Ukraine with more than a hundred projects completed. It is trusted by customers from both Europe and USA. They offer web development services that have attractive offers for companies that perform in various areas. They have good experience in developing excellent teams that entail professionals who can assist to look for the correct solution that fits the business requirements. Over the last few years, they have become a trustworthy tech partner for companies that perform in different areas. It includes finance and gaming. They create excellent functional bug-free web apps and websites. They pay attention to the smallest details that are important to the consumers. You can attain the following advantages by choosing cybercraft.

  •         Flexible development that is based on your preference and requirements
  •         Close-knit team with outstanding management skills
  •         Reliable and time-saving services.

WolfPack Digital

By following the Build, Measure, Learn cycle, together with an agile development process, we work with startups & brands to achieve fast go-to-market and product success.

 It is the renowned web development company. They follow the building, measuring, and learning cycle in an agile development process. They work for brands and startups to attain quick go-to-market and product success. Some of the reasons for their success are:

  •         Creating platforms that are scalable
  •         Keeping users engages
  •         Keeping foundation significant
  •         Designs that users prefer
  •         Some of the prominent services include:
  •         Web development
  •         Mobile app development
  •         UI/UX Design
  •         Maintenance and Launch
  •         DevOps Services


ExpandX is a complete web solutions provider and digital agency that provides an impressive return on investment to its customers since 2014. ExpandX provides excellent results on all the services and it is flexible for all industries and budgets. They are known to apply advanced technologies that permit businesses to expand. This includes; private clients, startups, and business segments. They can create a corporate website or online shop. In addition, it will extend its services to develop efficient, sustainable, and consistent marketing solutions and campaigns for the organization.