Chatting Apps in 2022

Top 7 Chatting Apps Of 2022 To Make New Connections

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:06 am

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Living standards are changing, so does the scenario of technology advancement and innovation. We live in a world where online trends are trending, one of the patterns is to make and find a new connection with someone, roll up with old buds, chit-chatting to friends, and much more. Facts say, half of the people prefer chatting online and more & more communication in the phone, email, messaging, and social media.

In the context, having an endless texting app for android and iPhone, individuals have a choice or determine their priority to figure out which one to choose. Most of the application gives services designed in the gleam of security and user privacy. At the same time, some emphasized communication by way of allowing send photos, videos, stickers, emoticons, voice messages, and free calling. Some message apps resemble social media, while others lay out the fun part to play games. 

In our quest to quote the top and best multi-purpose apps, which fulfill the essential requirement to send text & multimedia messages. All the below list of apps have excellent services in itself.

Let’s see-

1. Whatsapp: 

Everyone’s light of life is WhatsApp. Whatsapp is the most preferred chatting app of today’s running phase because it is cherished by most of the globe’s zillionth users. 

Having a long-standing look and feel, which provides several people to chat exclusively, make new connections to your mate, folks, and beloved and even trending boom for academic purposes. 

Characterize different features-

  • Send photos, documents, and other multimedia under 100 MB to your connections.
  • The latest version gives end-to-end encryption.
  • One-to-one interactions with Whatsapp users or group chats upto 256 participants.
  • Free voice and video calls.
  • Personalized your experience by changing chat wallpapers.
  • Emoticons. 
  • Shine by installed in desktop apps for windows & mac or access via browser.

2. Facebook Messenger: 

This Messenger app does not fall behind Whatsapp, contrary to its popularity, and users don’t need a Facebook account to avail themselves of Facebook messenger. 

Count as a topping app to chill out and bond with new strangers to old buddies and proffer non-chat services. Apart from this, expanding the scope of digitalization, it contributes to unique engagement.

Facebook messenger render services such as-

  • Texting can be done to individuals or groups of upto 150 people.
  • Feature to react to messages with stickers, GIFs, and emoji.
  • Video quality is terrific, especially on mobile.
  • Smooth calling without the hindrance of picture freezing, lag issues, or any call drops.
  • Non-chat services like playing games, watching videos together.
  • Send money in some territories only, i.e., the US, UK & France.

3. LINE: 

Desiring to make connections, wanting a great chat, and staying in touch with social media simultaneously, this app is all for you. LINE has won the hearts of many users and is famous in the mainland of Japan and Taiwan. It also comes under social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Let’s spot out the aspect of LINE:

  • A fun element for those who love to express through emoji, stickers.
  • In addition to messaging, you can have a wonderful time with video calls, voice messages, and sending audio recordings.
  • Facility to call landline at a cheap cost.
  • Plenty of add-ons apps capabilities.
  • Can purchase through Line pay.
  • In Japan, you can hail a cab.
  • Different quality of keeping all your conversations in one place. 
  • Feature of disappearing messages.

4. WeChat: 

The connecting abundance of people with chats, calls, and more. WeChat is now considered a social media app with multi-purpose facilities and is known to be a dominator of the Chinese market plus users outside of China. 

WeChat has serious competency to WhatsApp & Viber due to its vibrant facet to connection making.

  • Not still to communicate but also social media as well as digital payment apps.
  • Real-time sharing of photos.
  • Free top-quality voice chatting and video calling.
  • A fascinating feature of “Look around” lets you be visible to others and make new friends nearby.
  • Shake to add contacts.
  • Perks of “chat alerts” let you know the essential pings. 
  • In addition to the selfie sticker feature. 
  • Private group chats.

5. Kakao Talk (KaTalk):

The multifaceted messaging app is sometimes referred to as the Korean- WhatsApp. This app makes chatting fun, liveable with a mixture of emotions, and a collection of stickers. If you live in the west, you will not find anyone who is not using it because popularity lies in Korean with a strong user base. 

Kakao Talk showcase a lot of features such as,

  • Finding new connections of people quickly with this application.
  • With a handy feature, let you know who in group chat saw your message.
  • Provide a cross-platform that is with ease; you can switch between PC and mobile phone.
  • Allow secret messaging.
  • Scheduler for an appointment.

6. Telegram: 

A reasonably new app in the market, in the present it is the most preferred online chatting app for adults, students, teachers, and YouTubers also. Telegram is one of the security apps that put security at top. Ultimately it is all in one application. Its fantastical pores provide discussion, debates, having friends and connections. 

Telegram provides many features- 

  • Outstanding design and user interface.
  • Group chat option for up to 200,000 participants.
  • Store conversation on the cloud.
  • The possibility of “Secret chats” encrypted messages.
  • High speed and secure messaging with convenience.
  • Photo and video editing feature.
  • Only messaging apps don’t Carter voice and video calling. 
  • Open API, you can make your unofficial app.

7. Viber:

Viber is another top category all-time great app with a more extensive user base from India, Russia, Brazil, or a parallel version of Whatsapp. Connect freely, simply, and fast because staying touch has become uncomplicated globally. 

Viber ease us with-

  • A feature called Viber Out allows making calls to mobile and even landline phones.
  • Securely encrypted End-to-End.
  • App-to-app free voice and video calling.
  • Share photos, images, and stickers.
  • Feature of cross-platform- sync with PC or Mac.
  • Send video messages with a personal touch.
  • Offer an optional feature of Dark mode.
  • Range of pastime games.