Podcast Tools For Latest Mac in 2021

Top 7 Podcast Tools For The Latest Mac in 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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A podcast is now the latest trend. Being stuck at home makes people opt to do home recording. It became a new hobby. Sometimes, it serves as a passive income.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can make your podcast happen. Some of it helps you design your style. Others bring your thoughts, stories, and ideas to the ears of your listeners. Learn more about it as we tackle the various podcast tools for the latest Mac.


Iris is the go-to platform for designing podcasts. Its compatibility depends on the browser used. It works well with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave.

The function of Iris is for recording remote podcasts, calls, and interviews. Also, it features HD video recording and separate audio tracks. In addition, its software design backs up your file while recording. So, there’s no fear of losing an important interview.

In addition, it has features that cater to team members too. For example, conducting interviews in a large group is possible. It can hold up to 9 people recording together.

On top of that, you can download an audio and video file at the highest quality. Plus, sharing and publishing a composed version is highly attainable.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a podcasting tool for production and editing. Also, it has advanced features like noise-reduction, EQ, advanced compression, and more. Plus, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

What sets Adobe Audition apart is its batch processing. Users can apply different effects on a single file, then save it. Afterwards, apply similar results to a batch of other files. Thus, keeping most of your time. It is so handy, especially if you have multiple podcast episodes to edit.

Adobe Audition started from Cool Edit Pro. However, Adobe acquired it in 2003. So, if you have a subscription with the Creative Cloud Suite, you can still access it. If not, you need to pay a monthly fee to use it as an app.


Audacity is a free podcast recording software and cross-platform audio editor. It is incredibly functional even to the latest versions of Mac OS and Windows.

Although it is free, the features of Audacity are powerful. The features include Sync-Lock, Silence, Silence Finder, and Truncate Silence. Also, it offers saveable EQ, import and export options, and fading. In addition, chains of effects for editing and saving like cut out pauses and removing unwanted sounds is possible. That’s why it makes podcasting a lot easier.

However, using it for the first time is quite confusing. But once you learn more about it, you’ll appreciate it more. Then, you can make an explicit and professional-sounding podcast.


GarageBand is the best free podcast tool for Mac users – Mac OS and iOS. It is friendly recording software that records, edits, and exports podcasts. There’s no need to be techy just to understand how it works thoroughly.

The tool is perfect for a novice podcaster. Nevertheless, even experienced podcasters find it still valid. Also, it features a great music library and special effects. It has a bunch of pre-recorded sound bites, loops, jingles, and synths. If added, the background music makes podcasts more layered and interesting.

GarageBand lets you create separate tracks for each music, intros and outros, and ad spots. Plus, it allows users to fade it in and out or adjust levels as needed. In addition, the application of various plug-ins like compression, noise gates, EQ, and others are possible for each track.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a recording software suitable for the latest Mac versions. It provides professional quality audio recording tools. Plus, it has a wide selection of plug-ins too. And it comes with a 90-day free trial. So, you’ll have time to try it out first before you make a purchase.

Furthermore, Logic Pro X is a highly-rated audio editing program. Its features include superb post-production effects. Also, it has an automatic function that allows users to streamline podcast editing. In addition, it serves as a handy Track List when editing more than one track.

Although it offers numerous features, some podcasters find it unnecessary. That’s why the software is highly advisable for musicians and audio professionals.


If GarageBand is for beginners, Descript is for busy podcasters. It is recording software that edits every podcast episode after recording. It is so simple, just like editing a Word file. However, Descript is only available for free for the first three hours.

Descript is a podcasting tool that serves as an audio word processing software. Users can record each podcast episode. Then, the program transcribes the episode. Any changes made in the text editor reflect on the audio file. That’s why it is like handling a typical Word file.

The feature makes the process of recording and editing quick and hassle-free. There’s no need to sit down for a long time just to finish one episode. So it’s no surprise it is the best bet for busy podcasters.

Transcribe by Wreally

Transcribe by Wreally is a simple yet effective podcast tool. It automatically transcribes audio and video or any file with dictation, all using a basic web interface. In addition, it uses a wide array of languages accurately. Plus, it comes in a free trial.

Services of Wreally Transcribe include refined solutions of self-transcribing and automatic conversion of existing digital recordings. In the portal, you can quickly locate these two options.

New Automatic Transcription

The service takes existing audio to convert into text. It requires an internet connection so it can support the language selected. There are about 20 languages available like French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Apply the preferred language. Then, users can trim the audio, insert timecodes, and even identify the speakers involved in the conversation. Uploading the video comes in different audio formats. Afterward, Transcribe processes the sound into text within just a few minutes.

New Self Transcription

Self transcription is a solution with practical aspects. It is like allowing audio playback controlled by a foot pedal. This transcribing pedal for mac leaves your hands free to enter words as needed. Thus, speeding the entire process.

Furthermore, direct dictation using a microphone allows you to input spoken content for better computer transcription. Therefore, it is manageable, even if it’s from a webpage. As long as there is a live internet connection, it is possible. Plus, it inputs timecode into the document automatically.

Transcribe by Wreally claims 90% of accuracy and quality of transcriptions. It is a practical yet flexible solution when starting your podcast. Plus, it does not require software installment. So it’s no surprise it is a beneficial podcast tool even for the latest Mac versions.

As of today, various podcast tools are available. Of course, it depends on your need to find the best program. Nevertheless, these top 7 podcast tools for the latest Mac should be on the top of your list to consider.