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Unlimited Gamez Mo – The Hulk of Memory Boosting Games

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Are you sick and tired of your children spending an excessive amount of time in front of their screens, engrossed in their favorite video games?

Have you tried every possible bribe to convince them to spend some time outside in the sun, interacting with other kids?

Well, you are not wrong to be worried. Video games do have a notorious reputation of turning kids into introvert loners. However, this stereotype was a thing of the past. Today, gaming has evolved into full-fledged sports, and people are making careers out of it.

Yes, it is hard for the older generations to understand, but there are people who earn millions just by streaming their gameplay on Twitch— a platform that has exclusively been created for live video streaming for gamers.

The popularity of Esports can be seen from Deloitte’s research report, according to which, investments in Esports hit $4.5 billion in 2018 from only $490 million in 2017— an 837% growth. That is insane!

These statistics should be enough to convince you that your kid might be on to something if they are interested in gaming; they are not going to end up in your basement with no life. However, what matters is that they are playing the right kind of games.

The right games can actually be beneficial for your kids. According to research by the University of California, three-dimensional games can boost memory and improve hand-eye coordination as well.

If you are in search of some games that can exercise your kids’ brains, then you have come to the right place. We are here to tell you about a platform that is host to a plethora of some exciting games that your kids are not only going to enjoy but benefit from as well.

We are talking about Unlimited Gamez Mo that is home to various games. You will find educational, strategy, arcade, puzzle, and adventure games. We will specifically talk about memory-boosting games.

Let’s check out what this platform has in store for your kids.

1. Strategy Games are Aplenty

The highlight of this platform is perhaps its variety of strategy games. Strategy games are not only fun, but they are quite beneficial for those who play them. According to research, strategy games are the best way to improve cognitive functions and reasoning in older adults. This means that strategy games can act as defensive measures against Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There are various strategy games on Unlimited Gamez Mo for your kid to choose from. Whether your kid is interested in some adventurous games or they enjoy a few playful ones, there is a game on this platform for them to enjoy.

Our favorite ones include The Parking Lot, Hit and Miss, The Warehouse, and Matchsticks. Don’t they just sound interesting by their name? They really are. In the game The Parking Lot, you have to swiftly move out a red car from the parking lot. Hit & Miss is another simple game for all ages. Your opponent is the computer. You are in a battle, where you have to protect your ships and destroy the opponents’.

2. Puzzle Games to Sharpen the Mind

The platform is also home to a plethora of puzzle games that are already well known for sharpening the mind. Jigsaw puzzles are primarily used for brain training exercises. This is because when you are playing puzzles, you have to employ both sides of your brain at once. Puzzles also strengthen connections between brain cells, which consequently leads to improved brain speed.

Unlimited Gamez Mo has some pretty interesting puzzle games. You all may have heard of Sudoku, but this platform also hosts hyper Sudoku, which takes this game up a notch. It would even take you some time before you can master this game.

Some other interesting games that can boost memory include Colonization, The Eight Queens, Sequence, and Pattern Flex, amongst others.

Younger kids can play games like memory, where you have to match the objects hidden behind tiles or jelly jumper, candy slide, Flip Duck, etc. These games are pretty simple and colorful, which makes them attractive for kids. They don’t require any knowledge that pros do, and are pretty much self-explanatory.

3. Card Games

Another category on this platform is card games. We all have played them once in our lifetime. Now, the kids have a digital version. Card games also have a reputation for training and sharpening the mind because let’s just agreed that they are not very simple, and it takes you time to master them. You have to remember the rules and plus you have to keep in mind what cards have already been played if you want to win the game.

A study by the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s institute found out that people who play card games have a greater brain volume. They have improved memory, thinking skills, and their risk of contracting dementia is also lowered.

Some card games you can play on Unlimited Gamez Mo include Black Jack, Hi-Lo and Klondike Solitaire. Tread carefully, though, or there is a high chance that you will get addicted to these games.

Your One-Stop Gaming Platform

There are certain games that are free to play. However, if you want unlimited access, then you need to pay for the subscription. Once you pay, your kids can enjoy the app without any irritating ads. This is also safe for kids because you cannot constantly supervise them and with ads popping up every now and then, there is a risk that your kids might click on something inappropriate. The premium version also doesn’t have any in-app purchases; you get full access.

Unlimited Gamez Mo is a one-stop gaming platform that your kids will certainly enjoy. Moreover, you can rest assured that they are actually learning something and not just wasting their time in front of screens. Just remember to strike a balance because physical activity is equally important for your kids.