BEMER Therapy

What is BEMER Therapy?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:23 am

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People are now discovering new therapies and technologies to treat their bodies. Unlike traditional treatments, such therapies have fewer side effects and are non-invasive. BEMER therapy is one of the latest innovative therapies to cure many disorders. This therapy usually takes place using a device or machine that works on the BEMER technology. This technology uses Pulsed Electromagnetic fields to work. These tiny pulses are made to enter your body to treat your cells and tissues. Each organ in your body has its magnetic field, these pulses interact with this field to fix problems. Keep reading to learn more about BEMER technology and its effects.

What is BEMER Therapy?

BEMER is short for Bio Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. BEMER therapy is an FDA-approved treatment through a device. These devices deliver electromagnetic waves into your blood vessels to increase blood circulation. Sound blood circulation is necessary for your body’s healing. The oxygen supply kick starts the cell regeneration and reduces pain or inflammation. In other words, this therapy works at the cellular level to cure body organs while reducing pain.

How does the BEMER technology work?

The electromagnetic signals in your body are responsible for the communication between the organs and the brain. Low blood circulation results in poor intra-body communication. The lack of electromagnetic energy in your organs can badly affect your performance.

BEMER technology uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to enhance blood circulation in your body. The increased supply of oxygen improves the functionality of the cells. BEMER therapy stimulates the cell energy to encourage detoxification and regeneration.

When there is no proper circulation, your cells get low energy which leads to poor health, pain, stress, and injury. BEMER therapy prevents this. The pulses are tiny enough to enter your body without any change.

Why is BEMER therapy used?

Fatigue and pain are the common results of any injury or body disorder. People often find it hard to do their daily chores. The effects of physical disorders are also related to mental issues like weaker memory and stress. Whether occurred due to an injury or disease, body pain can be chronic or acute. The main cause of the pain is inflammation and poor blood circulation in the affected body area.

The signs of poor circulation include decreased sensation, skin pigmentation, and coldness in certain body parts. To detoxify and stimulate the body cells, optimum blood circulation is necessary. BEMER therapy can help to enhance blood circulation.

How to get BEMER Therapy?

You can take a 10 to 20 minutes session depending on your condition. Two sessions a day are recommended. The devices are designed to target your specific body parts. You can use a PEMF mat to get therapy on your entire body or large body areas like your back. A small size pad is a great option to treat the targeted body areas. You can wrap it around your arm, shoulder, legs, or any required area. The best thing about this therapy is that you can do it yourself. Get your desired device at

Effects of BEMER Therapy

People have experienced timely and effective outcomes of this therapy. You are likely to feel relaxed, have less pain, and better sleep after the very first session.

Side Effects and Risks

There are no major side effects of this therapy. Some people may experience headaches, dizziness, or nausea within the 24 hours of the therapy. However, these symptoms go away themselves. Pregnant people are not recommended to get this therapy. If you are taking any blood-thinning or other medication, consult a doctor before getting this therapy.

Final Words

To conclude, BEMER therapy is an effective and non-invasive treatment to cure your body issues.