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What Role Will Tech Play in the Future of HR?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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When you think of HR, you think of people. That is, after all, what the sector is all about. That doesn’t mean, however, that technology has no place within it; it’s quite the opposite, in fact. Technology is becoming more and more widely used within the realm of HR, which is why it’s useful to have an idea of what this tech is, and how it works. If you work in HR or you are responsible for an HR team within your business, understanding the new ways of working is going to be crucial. Read on to find out more.

Remote Teams

If recent months have taught us anything it’s that being able to work remotely is crucial in order to maintain any business. Without a remote HR platform to go along with this more generalized remote working, this aspect of the business could get left behind, and that would be detrimental for everyone involved, with employees feeling abandoned and employers not knowing what was happening within their own companies.

Although working remotely is important, and is becoming something that employees specifically look for, it can be difficult for businesses to fully adapt to working in this new way, especially if they have never had to do it before. The administrative challenge is the thing that can put a lot of employees off doing this, which is why having the right HR platform to use in order to minimize the challenges is so important.

Cloud-Based HR

The cloud is something that all businesses (and all individuals) should be using as much as possible. It’s a safe, inexpensive, secure way to protect documents and work remotely with ease. Using the cloud is also something your HR department can use, ensuring their HR platform is cloud-based in order for everyone to be able to have complete access to it when required.

This is the ideal way to work with teams who are distributed across the globe (which is becoming more common now that remote working means location isn’t a barrier to work and hiring anymore). Using a cloud-based system or HRIS means that onboarding, payroll, time management, and benefits can all be worked on whenever needed.

Better Recruitment Experiences

The entire recruitment process is being changed by technology. No longer are employees expected to mail in a resume, or even drop one in personally to an office – everything is done online and digitally. Even interviews are now no longer necessarily face to face, with meeting software being utilized to offer a new and potentially improved recruitment system.

Job boards themselves are making more use of technology too. Rather than the candidate searching through reams of positions that may or may not be suitable, algorithms are put in place to ensure that they only see those jobs for which they are qualified, and which match various other criteria (location, pay, benefits, and so on). This allows for less time searching and makes the process a lot quicker for employees and employers alike.


Technology is something that all businesses need to make as much use of as they possibly can. If they do this, particularly when it comes to HR, they can be much more sure of hiring the right candidate and of protecting them, keeping them loyal, and getting the best out of them. Technology is already playing a huge role in HR, and this role will only grow over time.