Trends are Software Testing Companies

What Trends are Software Testing Companies Following in 2020?

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 09:19 am

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At the beginning of every year, software houses and every independent software testing company looks forward to the list of new trends so they can speed up to cope up with the faster moving world. 2020 is no different as it came with new trends and a lot of the companies of the software industry have already changed their processes and lifecycles of each product according to the trends. If you are still not aware of these trends, we are here to help you with that. With the list of trends mentioned below, you can make your business a successful one this year. We are hoping this list will help to cope up with the changing trends.

Agile and DevOps

Even though a lot of people from the software industry believe that Agile is an old methodology, they are also aware of how rapidly Agile is developing according to the new needs of the industry. It has become easy for an independent software testing company to embrace as a testing framework due to its responsiveness and ability to cope up with rapidly changing requirements. Moreover, Agile comes with DevOps now given that DevOps can easily live up to the demand for speed.

Services and API Automation Testing

After a huge success in other fields, automation testing has made an entry in the world of software testing. 2020 would be seeing a lot of services and API being testing by automated testing routines and codes. As APIs and services have the ability to be used in more than one application, it becomes mandatory to make sure they carry 0 errors and bugs. With automation testing, the process can be made faster, more efficient, less costly, and more secure.

Software Test Automation

Software testing is a major cog in the wheel of the software industry. Without it, the whole software industry can crumble. In 2020, you would see a lot of software testing companies replacing manual testing with automation testing as it is faster, provides better results, offers more test coverage, and decreases investment as well. There is absolutely no reason for the industry to not move towards automation testing of software and mobile applications.

Test Environment Data

With the fast speed, the industry is moving towards the Internet of Things, it is evident that more software systems will be operating in numerous different environments sooner. History tells that this is going to become a huge challenge for the software industry. However, automation testing promises to provide the testing teams with an opportunity to ensure the needed level of test coverage and efficiency in processes.

Strong Integration

One huge issue every independent software testing company faces is the usage of any testing tool, which is hard to integrate with the other tools. Things are going to get better for the testing teams as the trends show that solutions for integration of different testing tools will be provided with the help of DevOps, AI, and ML. This will make testing processes faster and a lot better than they are at the moment.