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Why Data Tracking Makes Social Media Powerful?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Data behind your social media Performance of social media can help you to make better decisions about your content when you know the data behind the mechanism, ensure that you’re targeting the audiences must be proper and help you to boost the engagement and grow your business.

There are a lot of metrics that have to be measure. The few you might be followed which is important as metrics in social media: likes, comments, shares, clicks and reach.

Knowing everything in social media analytics isn’t easy. But it’s essential if you want to create a winning strategy. Tracking data can develop high results. Using a suitable platform for marketing will change the complete need of business development. This blog will help to know the importance of data that creates work changes.

Data Tracking Strategy with social media analytics

The key to a data-informed social media strategy understands your audience and your content. The two work hand-in-hand.

When you understand your audience, you can create content that they like, and by measuring the performance of your content, you can learn about your audience’s preferences. This is the best way to keep growing your Instagram profile. Also, you may purchase some sort of organic growing services for your profile. But it is highly recommended to buy your growth tool from an authentic source. applications like Ampfluence are scams. So better than Ampfluence, there are many applications that exist, you may choose from that list.

Social media analytics tool can do many things to grow your reach and engagement, below where I have made a point that you must do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

1. Make your social media posts at Peak

Experiencing the pain ourselves, we wondered if there’s an easier way for social media managers to stay on top of their most recent posts.

You can view each post’s reach and engagement rate immediately. The image icon helps you to see more metrics by just clicking on it.

The post must be done often, which can help to pop into your Buffer Analyze account a few times a day to get a quick update on how your recent posts are performing. I would recommend doing this at least twice a day once at the start of your day and once at the end.

2. Know your Post

For each post, you get all the key metrics to help you understand how your audience reacted to your post:

  • The number of likes
  • Comments count
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Engagement rate.

Take a look at your top posts to be it the highest engagement rate or highest reach every week and try to deduce what helped them perform so well.

Some points to Remember:

The post which is performing well on Facebook is a great way to grow your reach can be boosted. The posts which have already performed well among your targeted audience and will likely resonate with more people, given the right ad. And the result that such posts perform much better when boosted than posts with low engagement rate.

It calculates the engagement rate of your posts automatically which can easily align your posts recently by an engagement rate to find your top posts, click View Post, and boost it on Facebook.

The data which is behind your Facebook and Instagram posts where Buffer Analyze is one of the few social media analytics tools that provide Instagram Stories analytics.

The overall metrics like total impressions and average reach, for all the Instagram Stories you have posted within a period you have chosen.

3. Understand your reach

The strategy which you follow for social media must bring a profit outcome, It can reach only when you can target the right audience because there is a difference between reaching an accurate audience of your business like 2000 than reaching the large group like 10000, which would not even consider your business.

But is it possible to reach your targeted audience in social media like Instagram or Facebook, The thing is to keep in mind to look at audience overview that must be Analyze precisely like choosing the customers based on age, location, professional.

You can refine your content or posting strategy to reach the appropriate audience by buffer analyzer which gives you an overview of your targeted audience.

According to Igloo social media agency in Dubai, reach is important if you want to engage your potential customers. You need to understand that social media can help you promote active sales for your businesses’ products and services. If you improve your reach and target it accordingly, you will be able to see an uptick in the number of customers moving from social media to your brand or eCommerce pages.

4. Refine your posting strategy

The past post makes a buffer analyzer to predict your movement in social media and also it gives information about the type of post, the frequency post which had given you a high engagement rate.

Buffer analyzer gives you a chart for recommendation to make things easier which can understandable and helps you to make a strategy

The behavior of your social media post must be work according to your audience mind where the strategy must play a vital role, you must keep always a track on it where buffer analyzer will give you sufficient matter and you must tweak your post once a month can be a good strategy

5. Report your results

Buffer Analyze can create professional reports in as few as two clicks. Each module in the analyzer has a button to add in the report which lets you add it to your report quickly. A single report can help you to add both an Instagram profile and a Facebook profile.

Here are three quick tips for reports:

  • Automatically updated reports: If you have selected a fixed date period (e.g. past 7 days or 28 days), your report will automatically update itself every day — so you don’t have to manually create reports every time.
  • Fast way to update other reports: If you’ve chosen a custom date period, you can simply change the dates to update the report, without having to recreate the report from scratch.
  • Dashboard of Analytics: To use reports in the best technique in Buffer Analyze is to pull all the data you regularly need into one report, making it a dashboard.


Social media is a platform for many business and app or software development companies to increase their profit by reaching the targeted audience; hence the data tracking tool like buffer may help you in a significant way to reach your sale in top. Make sure to select the required tool to work on. It helps the company to develop faster and easier.