Why Independent QA Audits Are Important

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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According to the Software Engineering Institute/Capability Maturity Model (SEI/CMM) independent audits of QA activities of an organization are important. The purpose of hiring an independent software testing company is to determine if the QA teams are adhering to the defined QA processes or not. It is not only limited to SQA but the Key Process Area (KPA) as well. If you want your software products to achieve long-term success in the market, independent testing is essential. With a QA audit, you can maintain the quality standards across the organization. The process ensures that employees are following the stated policies and procedures to meet customer expectations. 

Main Objectives of An Independent QA Audit

  • One of the biggest advantages of independent testing is to gain knowledge about what areas you need to improve to ensure success.
  • Assure good QA process is being followed across teams
  • Ensure that QA teams are adhering to the QA processes that are defined for an organization
  • Provide honest opinions, advice, and feedback to ensure continuous process improvement efforts for an organization
  • Communicate all findings of the research to affected QA teams and stakeholders to allow them to assess the QA process and take measures to improve the processes

Independent QA audit does not only aims at providing findings that achieve or reject a particular CMM maturity level. The maturity level can only be recognized by checking if the organization has an authorized SEI assessment such as CBA IPI.

CIOs believe that in-house teams often fail to detect or identify flaws in an application. Since the same developer has written code or worked on an application, he can never highlight all of the errors that he made. It is practically not possible for them to provide effective QA feedback. So it becomes important for organizations to hire an independent software testing company to make the most of their efforts. 

Besides offering the advantage of providing unbiased feedback for a software application, it is always good to have independent partners carry out QA audits for a business. The reason being, these testers have experience of working with different vendors and businesses, which means they have more experience and expertise to offer. This is a major reason why organizations opt for independent testers. It is always a good idea to have someone from outside a company highlight the major and minute issues in an application or system so that they necessary changes can be made before rolling out the app in the market. It is not only important for huge businesses to hire independent software testers, but it can also be fruitful for startups to get hire their services. QA audits allow businesses to remain on the right track and make the most of their time and money. Independent testers also ensure reducing the time of releasing apps into the market. Optimizing QA staff ensures effective handling of the dynamic project requirements.