Important to Test Software

Why is it Important to Test Software?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Human or system errors can cause a defect or a failure at any stage of the software development lifecycle. The result can be classified as trivial or catastrophic, depending on the consequences of the error. This is where software testing comes in to save the day, software testing is the process of checking any sort of bugs and errors to ensure the seamless working of the software application. Testing in software engineering is a fundamental process of creating reliable and usable software products which are carried in a number of ways and using test management tools.

Most of the companies have dedicated software testers, either an in-house team or outsourced to an offshore testing company. These testing teams use multiple test management tools to make sure that the application is bug-free before it is rolled out to the users. They guarantee software’s usefulness and help turn the applications into an end-product that performs the task their designers intended it to.

So why is it important to test software?

There are many reasons why testing software is a very crucial process of software development, here are a few of them:

  • Quality of the Product

Software testing makes sure that the software is user-friendly and is capable of being used by the customers it is intended for. Software testers specialize in using test management tools and are aware of the customer needs and make sure that the software is satisfying customer needs otherwise it will be a useless investment.

Each software has different kinds of customers and just like software developers, software testers specialize in understanding every customer’s needs. This makes sure that the quality of the product is maintained according to the type of its user. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

If errors are not detected on time during the software product lifecycle, it will become much harder to fix them later. Mainly because it already creates a new chain of impact, and that can easily affect some other functionality or hide other defects.

Developers can need a lot of time to find the bug and make all the necessary modifications to the code, and we know time means money in software development. So it is better to prevent such errors from the start. 

This is why an iterative approach works perfectly well for software development, which means every feature of the software should ideally end with testing.

  • Customers satisfaction

Every product owner wants to provide the best user experience to its customers. Software testing not only helps in finding the bugs which can defect the functionality of the software but also highlight problems with the user experience of the product. For example, a tester can identify if there is an issue with the User Interface, something wrong with the size of the button, or an icon used is not what it should be. So testing can identify this kind of user experience mistakes and the software can be made more user friendly so that the customers are fully satisfied with it and it makes their life much easier. 

  • Enhancing the development process

The development process can be enhanced if the software testers are working in parallel with the developers. With the aid of testing and quality assurance, testers can find a wide array of scenarios for the reproduction of the error. This helps the developers to fix that error in no time using those scenarios.

This parallel working accelerates and enhances the development of the software and saves time and money.

  • Security

Software applications are always prone to hacking or cyber-attacks. Security testing is done to make sure that there are no loopholes from where a hacker can hack or attack the software. The main goal of security testing is to identify all the threats from the system so that it does not stop functioning or cannot be exploited. It helps developers to detect and fix all the problems. This is one of the major reasons a software application must be tested thoroughly to eliminate such defects.

  • Determining the performance of the application

Many software applications perform many compute-intensive tasks, if your software application has very low or reduced performance, it will bring your reputation down in the market and people might start to find alternative solutions for the same problem.

To make sure that the performance of your software is up to the mark, software testers test the application’s extreme performance scenarios and make sure that it still performs well. Thus, software testing is considered to be an easy option to determine the performance of the software.