15 Great Bedroom Storage Ideas

15 Great Bedroom Storage Ideas to Organize Any Small Room

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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After a tiring day of work, our bedroom is our number one solace spot at home to relax our mind and body. When putting our head to the pillow at night, we want to be always in our most relaxed position. The catch: it is difficult to be at ease if your bedroom feels — and looks — messy. One thing you need to do is figure out your most pain points around, for instance, clothes scattered, messy nightstands, very small closets, etc.

After this, you need to look for quick-to-do and stylistic ideas on how to organize your bedroom. This article will share 15 simple bedroom storage ideas that might help you free up so much floor space and how to organize your small room neatly. Who knows, after following these ideas in your bedroom, you might even get a better night’s rest.

  • Make the most of your closet

There are many DIY bedroom storage ideas you can browse on the internet or read in lifestyle magazines. One of them is making the most of your very limited closet space by investing in smart storage solutions. You can visit Storables.com to purchase your preferred style of a stacked shelf, hanging rack, and basket for you to store your accessories.  

  • You can use a desk as a nightstand

If you have a very limited space bedroom, having dual-purpose furniture can be the best way to save some space. You can have a writing desk and use it as a bedside table as well. Simply add some pretty lamp or fresh flower on top of the desk.

  • Take advantage of using your Window Seat

You can always squeeze a bench topped by adding pillows and cushions into your window to achieve that dreamy bedroom reading spot in your bedroom.

  • Be creative with shelving

To have more storage space and room to display all of your collections, favorite books, and photos, you can always opt to frame your bed with Shelving. This way, you don’t need to worry about where to put your things that need to be displayed.

  • A storage bench is your best friend

To help you clean and organize your bedroom, simply use a storage bench placed at the foot of your bed. You can easily toss your blankets, extra pillows, and anything you want to keep.

  • Go for an aesthetic hamper

To have a storage box for your dirty laundry or pillows, simply place a basket below your open bedside for easy dropping or tossing unnecessary belongings. Of course, look for one that blends naturally to your room’s theme or that one looks aesthetically great.

  • Transform a bar cart into a nightstand.

Why not consider forgetting the champagne for this one: simply turn your bar cart into such a space-saving nightstand. This is great storage for your night essentials— pillow sprays, sleep masks, and blankets.

  • You can add a bench near the bed

 You can place a wooden bench near the foot of your bed to store your extra linens, pillows, and blankets. This is a great idea, especially if you still have some extra floor space and style or add some decorative accents on the bench to look more attractive.

  • Add style with a ladder organizer

Having a ladder organizer in your bedroom is a more great option to consider than just having a standard garment rack. This storage will give you more space to store your clothes and accessories. You can even place shelves down below to store your everyday worn shoes.

  • Why not add a floating shelf

Instead of adding bulky furniture to your small bedroom, why not go for buying a slim floating shelf that can be used as your nightstand as well. If you find yourself in need of additional storage, you can simply place a metal or woven basket underneath.

  • Build out your headboard

You can create a well-organized statement with your bed’s Headboard by simply adding a shelf to it. Then, just fill them with some decorative storage boxes, books, etc.

  • Try to hang a floating vanity

You can have some extra floor space by hanging a shelf with a trapdoor. This is honestly a perfect way of hiding your most-used makeup and beauty products. To complete the look, you can simply top it with a mirror and aesthetic accessories.

  • Keep your baskets in sight

Yes, there are things inside our room better be left unseen, but sometimes it is best to leave out storage in the open area. Rather than always covering your storage with a bed skirt, why not invest in decorative baskets that are pretty and presentable enough to be displayed. 

  • Consider installing a closet rod

Suppose you have very, very limited space in your Closet. Why not consider hanging a rod, shelf, and curtain on your blank wall for a new DIY second wardrobe. Then if you want to keep your clothes out of sight, just shut the curtain.

  • Why not take advantage of under-bed baskets

For a small bedroom to have a real-quick extra space, having under-the-bed storage can be the best and practical option. You can always purchase woven baskets to store your old textbooks, winter sweaters, or even a collection of extension cords.


Organizing your small bedroom is just a simple task to do as long you know exactly where to store or keep all of your things. Suppose you don’t have enough time reorganizing everything inside your small room due to a very busy work or school schedule. In that case, you can always do a real-quick by following the 15 listed ideas we’ve shared above. 

Other ideas are very simple to do. Just add a basket underneath your bed or maximize the storage you already have. Suppose you want to follow the other ideas like purchasing a hanging rack or woven baskets to be used as your storage belongings. In that case, you can simply visit Storables.com and look for one that you would prefer to buy!