Cyber Security Techniques

3 Cutting Edge Cyber Security Techniques To Keep You Safe

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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A lot of the Cybersecurity technology that is in use by businesses across the country has been used for over a decade, which means that it may not be adequate to protect against the latest threats.

Measures such as firewalls and antivirus systems have been designed to keep attackers out of your system, but the problem is that if attackers manage to get around them then they have free reign. In such cases, Threat and Detection and Responses systems such as Sangfor’s Cyber Command are very useful.

More cutting-edge technology does not depend on anticipating the movements of hackers and is, therefore, a better bet when it comes to keeping your information safe.

Self-destructing computer chips

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has been working on a project that will allow sensitive electronics to be taken out onto the battlefield and then destroyed immediately if they are compromised.

The result is a computer chip that will immediately turn to dust if a threat is detected, therefore protecting any information stored on it. This chip has been developed by PARC as part of their Disintegration Upon Stress-Release Trigger (DUST) technology.

At the moment the chips are being researched for military purposes, but it is easy to see how they could be used for consumers as part of their Cybersecurity solutions. You would never have to worry about someone stealing your data because even if they got hold of your entire computer, the chips containing the information that they were after would immediately self-destruct.

Browser Isolation

The majority of Cybersecurity threats come from your web browser. It is usually through a browser that malicious software is downloaded, and where hackers can steal information like your passwords, credit card information, and even address information from website autofill functions.

Browser Isolation is an innovative new technology that allows you to access your browser completely safe because the actual code is run through a virtual browser, and all that is returned to the endpoint on your computer is harmless pixels. This means that there is no longer a need to keep up to date with the latest hacking techniques to block them because the hacker simply never gets the opportunity to get at your computer.


Encryption means that you can block certain files from being accessed without first entering a highly complex decryption key that only you are able to generate.

It means that even if someone were to hack into your computer either physically or through a web browser, they would not be able to get at your information.

Many companies choose to encrypt the information stored on company laptops for example so that if an employee were to have their computer stolen, they would know that the sensitive company information that is stored on it is safe.

It is possible to encrypt any kind of information, for example, you can encrypt messages so that they cannot be intercepted and read by a third party, and you can also encrypt your web traffic by using a VPN (Virtual Personal Network) which means that your internet traffic passes through a kind of encrypted tunnel.