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5 Best Innovative Tech Toys Of 2020

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 09:40 am

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This generation’s kids may still crave the same retro games we’ve had in our childhood. But at some point, today’s technology would eventually lead the youngsters to something more ingenious and interactive. Moreover, the newest toys no longer serve solely to entertain, as most of them now educate and perform wonders. 

These innovative tech toys, though, may seem outlandish to some people due to them being high-concept. Still, it’s worth letting your kids play with one, as these would put them in a challenge that could further their analytical minds. 

We gathered five of the best innovative tech toys of 2020. Some of them are too futuristic, and you might not buy another item like it in the coming years. 

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot Wonder

Let’s start with a less complicated toy, suitable for toddlers. The small-scale friendly bot lights up and makes sounds, which would work well for playing and learning. While it seems cute and innocent, this robot guided by remote control allows your kid to do more than just let it run around and bump things.

The Dot and Dash Robot will teach your kids to learn basic coding, a useful skill that’s best to understand and practice at a young age. With Blockly, a drag-and-drop coding app, you can embed routines to it. This innovative tech toy provides hundreds of hours of coding that will surely help enhance your child’s critical thinking skills.

Sphero’s Lightning McQueen

For toy car enthusiasts, we got the stunning Lightning McQueen remote-controlled sports car. Sphero, a leading company in STEM learning and interactive robotics, partnered with Disney Pixar to create a spot on face animatronics, voices, and eye animations.

Lightning McQueen isn’t just a remote car. Created by 40 people, expect this race auto to enact as its film counterpart — McQueen can speak, give several expressions, react to touch, race to win, and interact with some apps. 

Hands down, Lightning McQueen will become your kids’ best friend, and probably, you’ll adore him too. One of the techiest toys that exist, it comes with a hefty price tag.

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Luvabella Doll

Let’s not forget the market segment who prefer to play with dolls. Can they do more than stare, pose, and maybe talk?

If your little one is the type who won’t freak out quickly, the Luvabella Doll will bring hours of happiness. It showcases animatronics, can mimic baby noises and can learn to speak words and phrases!

What a charming, techie doll! Just make sure no one from your household would get the creeps upon seeing it and throw it outside.

Mattel View-Master VR Pack

To raise the flag of virtual reality, we included a VR item for this category. The Mattel View-Master VR set boasts a new augmented reality experience. Unlike other headsets, this intends to entertain and educate kids. Reel packs about space and wildlife are available, making it a highly-recommendable tech toy for kids.

Aura Drone

For the pre-teens, teens, and some young adults, a dreamy high-tech gadget is one that would make you feel like you have a mutant-like telekinesis power. Aura drone fulfills that fantasy as it responds with a unique glove controller. 

The light-weight drone is safe for indoor use, and one can easily control it. Even kids would find it easy to grasp the hand gestures needed to fly and land the Aura drone!