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8 Attractive App Design & Development Trends for 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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You must have heard of the phrase “First impression is the last impression”. Well this is true whether it is about a personal meeting or about the customers who visit our web/mobile apps. The designing and the format of that particular app matters a lot when someone visits for the first time.

So, this simply means that you need to shift your focus on trendy designs every year so that you can maintain an eye-catching relation with your customers.  I know the importance behind this fact that is why I have come up with the 8 Attractive App designs trends in 2021.

Let’s have a look at them one by one: 

1. Neumorphism

Here, I am going to talk about the icons and the buttons. Well, you might have seen that icons and buttons have been doing a decent job for years. But this time in 2021, designers are coming up with thrilling ideas of making icons and buttons. 

Neumorphism is a new design trend that has taken the style from the early 2010s and is somehow a makeover of 2020. There is the same concept of implementing real-life imagery but with the introduction of new and improved 3D-like graphics. 

Neumorphism brings out the concept of flat icons and buttons and provides them a lush dimensional makeover. Yeah, it is also having a concept of cartoon design but with extra eye-popping realism that makes it jump from the screen. Well, not so much photorealistic but yes so lively and natural.

2. Video Interactions

Covid-19 has left a horrifying impact on the whole world. Wearing a mask has become a new normal from 2020. So, everyone is hoping that after vaccination in 2021, we will start enjoying our normal lives. 

This pandemic changed the whole way of working in which the industries and the departments used to work. Everyone was on work from home. So, video conferencing was one of the few sources of communicating with each other. This is the reason why video conferencing tools became highly on-demand in 2020. 

You might have seen that it is possible to do many things remotely without the cost of efficiency. 2021 would be all about the cases of video interactions participating naturally into our daily routine. Telemedicine and video shopping are two of the most important popular examples. Even after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people would still like to work through remote communication in order to solve their problems. More importantly when it is all about their health. We all know that it is safer to communicate with doctors online instead of visiting their place. 

3. The Rise of Superapps

Looking a few years back, mobile app development could be seen constantly in the way that it was one app and one purpose. But now the industries have started taking the initiative to move towards single-purpose apps to superapps. Talking about the Superapp, it is a multi-purpose app (one app which can do multiple things). These kinds of apps help to create ecosystems that cover all the user requirements so that there would be no need to switch to another app in order to solve their problems. One of the most popular examples of such kinds of apps is WeChat which is having messenger, social media, and mobile payment app. The modern-day React Native App Development Companies are updating themselves to develop Superapps and remain in the trend.

Gojek is another popular example of a superapp popular in Indonesia. This app is a combination of online transportation, food delivery, logistics, payment, and daily services. 

4. 3D Graphics with a Functional Purpose

We have been seeing 3D designs in apps and websites for years. So there is no point in calling it a novel design trend. But still, we can say that the role and the working of 3D design are changing with the passage of time. 3D designs are no more just for the purpose of decoration, but they can be used in multiple ways. The latest hardware of mobile devices opened a door for more sophisticated graphic effects. As a result, 3D objects are becoming the central part of the mobile experience. 

3D graphics, first of all, should work on the efficiency of the interaction process and then should go for creating a wow effect. 

For example, let’s have a look at this 3D model of a car that users can interact with to control real vehicle settings.

The ECommerce industry can also benefit from integrating 3D graphics. With the help of 3D graphics, products look more amazing and popping. With the help of this technique, designers can integrate a 360 view of a specific product. 

5. Touchless Interactions

Another famous UI and UX trend became famous in the time of the pandemic. Here we will talk about another method of communication even without touching like VUI that is the Voice user interface and Air gesture control. 

Voice interactions had made their place even before the pandemic and it was already clear that voice interactions will be the major UI/ UX trends in the coming year. Designs can be enhanced by implementing a Voice-user interface. Let’s take an example of voice interactions chatbots can be used to communicate with the help of using voice commands. This is the same case in virtual assistants. 

Air gesture technique is all the controlling of the gestures and makes them worth working even in the air. For example, recently DS Automobiles, a European luxury car brand, showcased their new contactless controls through mid-air haptic feedback and gestures. 

6. Focus on Cross-platform App Optimization

The fact that M1 is based on ARM technology, it allows you to run iOS apps on the macOS.

Apple broke the borders between desktop and mobile after the introduction of the M1 chip and created a new story in the field of cross-platform solutions. As M1 is based on ARM technology, it helps to run iOS apps on the macOS. 

7. Fight with Misinformation and Disinformation

You might have seen that today is the age where truth is easily manipulated through the media and 2020 was the year where these types of things were seen. We were struggling with truth manipulation through news websites and other platforms like social media. 

It is so true that the content which is presented to social media is seen so compelling whether it is authentic or inauthentic. Whatever we get from social media we have to accept because nobody has much time to explore the facts and the truths.

8. Unexpected Angles

Designers are shifting their focus from the traditional concept of designing to stand-out designs. With the help of unexpected angles, the designs could be made more amazing and dynamic. 

Final Words

So these are some of the attractive app trends in 2021 which can help you to give a boom to your business and will shit from the monotony. 

If you are interested in any of these trends to implement in your app then do contact the best mobile app development company India that can provide you the best service at the best cost. 

Good Luck!