Advantages of Machine Learning

Advantages of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 07:58 am

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Every day comes up with new amendments and upgrades in the technologies and taking our routine life to the next level. The mobile app development industry is also one of the fastest-growing and emerging sectors which are open to adopt the new technologies and implement innovative ideas. New technologies and trends have pushed the door to success with its evolution and implementation. And this implementation has taken its place in the mobile app development services by the developers.

The new technologies are covering every aspect of business with their real requirements and help developers identify a faster way to develop mobile applications for their seamless business methodology. One such mobile app development trend that has emerged in recent times is Machine Learning.

Machine learning has changed the entire phase of the mobile app development industry to the next level. It has changed the way mobile apps used to function before. It has stood up to the expectation of every user or provider by providing valuable data and real-time data analytics. As per the report, many companies are already investing in ML and it will reach up to $58 billion by 2021.

Machine learning is not only transforming the mobile apps but also the process of mobile app development. It helps you reduce the number of iterations required for a particular process with its intelligence. It has left a great impression on every aspect of mobile apps.

The mobile app integrated with ML helps businesses increase their customer engagement through improved personalization and product recommendation. The overall efficiency of business and productivity will surely enhance and suggest improved understanding for the developer.

In this article, we are going to talk about how Machine Learning has made an impact on mobile app development and how it will be beneficial to it.

Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

In mobile app development, machine learning has a complete solution to artificial intelligence mechanisms that provide a universal approach to solve web issues. It understands human behavior and learns it every time so that the end-user can get better user experience. With machine learning, mobile apps follow the same pattern and analyze it. Therefore, the present mobile apps you see or use which are poised for its efficiency have artificially embedded with machine learning mechanisms in its background.

Hence, with its incredible potential to understand human behavior and recognize the same pattern, it improves customer experience and has completely revolutionized the mobile app industry.

Benefits of ML in Mobile App Development

If you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business, then it has plenty of things to offer. With an app, you cannot just provide assistance and support, but also to enhance customer engagement, you can conduct analytical drive. Many companies are considering artificial intelligence as their solution to stand out of the crowd and stay ahead of the competition. Let’s see how machine learning helps in mobile app development.

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Improves Search Capabilities and Enhances Results

Search is the element that keeps evolving day by day and so does the search engine’s ranking and its results. However, the mobile apps which are search oriented that do not evolve, they remain the same. Hence, the time has come to evolve them and automate the results with machine learning.

Whenever a user encounters a query with a single or multiple word keyword, your search bar should have the capability to comprehend the query and give results accordingly. This is a general pattern and we know, human minds do not have great power of execution to resolve it within seconds of minutes.

But when we talk about Machine Learning, it makes your work easier. It can improve search results and fetch accurate and well-optimized search results without consuming too much time. Here, on the backend side, what exactly happens is that the search bar would also use and follow the same behavioral and other graphical data to recognize which results to showcase and that tends to improve the user experience on the platform.

Detection of Frauds Tight Security

Fraud detection and tight security is the most important factor every business owner should look into while developing a mobile app. If you are not able to detect frauds then hackers will evaporate the bottom line of your business. 

In fact, in the banking and financial industry, the frauds are yet to be detected while using online payments – credit cards, wallets, or other money apps.

Let’s take an example, how would you come to know that if someone got a credit card using your documents or, what would you do if your card is used by someone else on a website that you have never used? Such major frauds are issued in the financial sectors, and that’s why people are losing their trust in online banking. This will impact on the overall growth of the business and sector.

However, to find an appropriate and suitable solution, there’s only one cure – Machine Learning. Integrating machine learning with your mobile app development will help you detect the frauds and prevent your app or data from being hacked. The mobile app will learn the human patterns and follow trends, whether you have initiated the transaction or not. In such a case, if it was not you, then the mobile app will immediately give you alter notifications about this fraud.

Apart from this, there are many other factors that you have to consider while developing a mobile app for fraud detection.

Relevant Ads to End-Users

Let us tell you something if you are browsing on the internet about the house and apparel ads are being showcased on the internet which is not relevant for you at the moment. So what would you do? Would you stay on that website or leave immediately? Yes, this is the major reason why users don’t stay on your app or website for a longer period of time. Because you are showcasing irrelevant ads to them. This is completely understandable as this happened due to manual coding. And with that, it’s not easy to see and understand human behavior, their shopping or surfing pattern or history.

When you are implementing machine learning in your mobile app, you can understand the pulse of the user in a better way. This way, you can showcase those ads which are relevant and connected to their behavior, history, or needs. When you personalize the ads and show them relevant ads, then your chances of conversion through ads become higher, resulting in increased traffic with affiliate marketing.

Apart from that, you can also come to know how a particular custom reacts to an ad and what type of action they are likely to take on seeing the ad. The customer behavior and mind will always help you increase your conversion rate.

Virtual Assistants for Users

If you are browsing a website at midnight and stuck with some queries or questions regarding that product, whose door will you knock at midnight? I am sure, no business or its agent will land their help. Hence, a customer will leave your website and not purchase the product. This way you will end up losing customers.

With machine learning, you can create virtual assistants of your mobile apps. This means you can help users with their queries and allow them to take a decision to purchase from you. This virtual assistant can also help you from managing and organizing your work, to help you stay at the helm of productivity. Just like on the one date of every month you get reminders of your payment or bill, this machine learning reminds you of the work you have to finish.


The main advantage that you can leverage from machine learning is personalization. If you are implementing machine learning in a software development company, it improves the personalization to customers.

Let us tell you how. Based on the data analysis of customer shopping patterns, ML helps businesses to read and follow customer behavior, pattern, and likings. Using this information, businesses send personalized messages, emails, notifications, and recommendations to their targeted customers.

As per the Annual Report of the State of IT 2019, when customers find any personalized information or shopping experience, they are more likely to spend 40% more on shopping than they planned. This is how ML has improved the shopping experience in the mobile app.

Wrapping Up

By now, we have got an idea of how machine learning has really empowered the website and mobile applications and also gained attention from every user. Since it offers cutting edge research mechanisms, private authentication, advanced product research, personalization, fraud detection, and personal assistant, the android app development company also relies on the same.

Hence, you can integrate machine learning in your mobile app development services and reap the benefits for your customers. Therefore, the Global Machine Learning Market is expected to reach by 42.08% CAGR during the year of 2018 – 2024.

So what are you waiting for? You must have to walk along with the technology and integrate into your business methodology if you want to stay ahead in the competitions. Machine Learning is a great adoption for your future growth in your mobile app development services.