Benefits of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

Benefits of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

Last updated on January 19th, 2023 at 11:17 am

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The subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning has proved to be a promising technology over the years. It has been adopted extensively in mobile app development to add features that were nowhere a few years ago.

Machine learning has witnessed a surge in its acceptance by businesses as well as users. The global market of this technology is expected to reach USD 8.81 Billion by 2022. Being a growing market, it attracts millions of investors every year.

But what is the ROI? They must be getting a huge return. Before jumping on to the benefits that the investors of machine learning gets, let’s check how it has been implemented in a popular mobile app – Google map.

What does machine learning do for Google Maps?

After helping Google maps in discovering the shortest routes with automated reasoning, machine learning has started providing real-time traffic updates with neural networks. This is something we had never imagined. Machine learning has made the forecast job for programs so easy that it seems like an everyday thing!

Really, we did not even sit and thought when this feature was first introduced that how Google exactly did this. Machine learning algorithms are making lives easy, simple, and interesting for users of Google Maps and we all are the true witnesses of this.

Many more apps like Google Maps are using the power of ML incredibly. Some of them are Netflix, Facebook, Uber, etc.  Especially the eCommerce businesses are using the technology to track the users’ behavior and deliver advanced results. Let’s check what machine learning solutions can do for your mobile app.

Top 5 Benefits of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

When we build a mobile app, software development companies leverage various technologies to make your app according to your needs. But one thing which remains a drawback is we never get into these technologies.

This is why there are many entrepreneurs who are still not integrating machine learning with their mobile apps. If you are one of them then do read these points to understand what exactly this technology can do for your business.

1. Enhances Security

Security is a major concern for almost all entrepreneurs. It is directly linked to the reliability, authenticity, and trustworthiness of your brand. A single threat to your security can make your brand a complete disappointment for your users.

This is why entrepreneurs of contemporary times have started leveraging technologies like machine learning. It detects fraud and informs the users within no time. The algorithms showcase accuracy when deployed to ensure the security of financial transactions or authorized access. Apart from these, they are used by businesses to secure their data as well as that of their customers’

2. Advanced Search Results

What if a user searched for German movies but Netflix fetched American movies? What if you searched for a blue formal shirt but Amazon showed the results for blue belts? What if your friend wanted to find you by your name but Facebook didn’t show up with your profile in search results even though you have a common school?

The accurate search results seem so seamless to us that we never thought about these what-ifs. Or to rephrase, we never gave the technology behind this enough credit. Machine learning is the essence of every mobile app in 2020 which runs such search features.

3. User behavior

Every user behaves in a unique way while they interact with your mobile app. Some users will get enticed with one feature and the other user might get frustrated with that same user. How will you come to a single point while serving them?

There are certain patterns in their behaviors that are mapped down with processes like data research, mining, etc. These processes leverage one technology and that’s none other than our machine learning.

It allows the administration to draw inferences from the behavior of users. This allows entrepreneurs like you to make informed decisions. Ultimately, it improves user engagement and satisfaction with constant improvements.

4. Reaches Potential Customers

Has it ever happened to you that you searched something on an eCommerce app and within no time it started appearing as ads on social media apps? This happens to all of us almost every hour. And this is increasing day by day with the advancements in machine learning.

You can use this technology to track what your customers are checking on your apps and show them relevant ads. This is another way of holding back customers. Targeting has become so much easier and advanced with this amazing technology.

5. Image, voice, text, and emotion recognition:

Yes, machine learning can do all this! This is done with neural networks. The auto-recognition requires the developers to feed tons of data while creating your mobile app. The technology is growing every day that is enhancing the power of virtual assistants as well.

Hence, if you will leverage machine learning for your mobile app development then know that you will be able to authenticate the access perfectly. Facial and speech recognition has improved technology. In the future, we will see how your mobile app will be able to understand your user’s mood with the scope of emotion recognition.

Final word:

Many people think that machine learning is the same as data science and artificial intelligence. But the truth is, it cannot be interchangeably referred to as any of them. While data science is its partner and artificial intelligence is its superset.

These benefits can be reaped by your business only when you will use machine learning with its related technologies. Together, these technologies make mobile apps powerful enough to acquire, engage, hold, and retain any visitor.

The mix of contemporary technologies is not everyone’s cup of tea. A perfect combination can only be prepared by a mobile app development company that is experienced in building ML-powered mobile apps. Dive into the pool of Ml benefits to make your app more lucrative for your business.