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Changing Career: Start in Web Development with JavaScript

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Feeling unhappy with the current job may be the reason for constant stress and the need for a change. Today the sphere of IT seems to be the most attractive one. Although career change is always a challenge, the IT sector is worth trying as you will always have an opportunity for self-improvement and a sufficient salary. To be on the safe side you should choose something easier to start with. Web development with JavaScript (JS) programming language may turn out to be a good option here. 

The most popular initial IT profession has been a tester for several years already. JS software development proves to be not much more difficult though exciting. We have gathered arguments for those still in two minds about creating computer applications. Check them out! 

  •  JavaScript is the world’s most common programming language.  

Each year a famous online developers community Stack Overflow conducts a survey. According to the latest one, JavaScript has been the most widely used programming language on the planet for the sixth year in a row. Furthermore, Web3Techs platform, which deals with web technology surveys, claims that JavaScript is used for creating 95% of all websites today. This information is updated daily. 

There is no surprise in such a demand, as the language can cope with numerous tasks, ranging from coding a website’s layout and to the process of creating complex single-page applications. Thus, new vacancies of JS developers appear regularly on job search websites, as new employees are wanted. 

  • Self-education is easy and affordable.  

The IT boom led to the formation of huge developers’ communities. These provide great opportunities for mutual knowledge exchange and experience sharing. Entire online universities have shown up, like Freecodecamp, Github, Blockly, to name a few. They open up volumes of useful information for software developers. People there cooperate and solve coding problems together, develop new skills, and discover job opportunities. These platforms can come in handy not only for web programmers but also for mobile, cloud computing, application development specialists, etc. There is no limit to perfection they say.  

  • Back-end experience is not required.   

Software engineers today fall into one of the two groups: those working with back-end and front-end. Back-end specialists deal with server-side technologies, while the second ones take care of the user interface (UI). JavaScript is first and foremost used for designing UI, that is why it is regarded as the tool for front-end developers.  

Is there a need to have a profound knowledge of back-end to cope with web development? The answer here is not necessarily. The client-side of the user interface is very time-consuming these days, as new UI/UX practices and business requirements appear daily. This peculiarity guarantees high demand for front-end specialists in the market. Besides, even if you come to realize that coding is not your strong side, you can always turn to the career of a UX/UI specialist or an expert in one of the html5 components library.  

  • Working as a staff member or a freelancer? Choose any. 

Get started with your new career immediately after the training course. The best way to gain experience is to work as a freelance JS developer. Luckily, there are plenty of such positions open in the market.  Creating simple websites and apps is easy and will let you get the hang of it.   

If working on your own sounds quite a challenge for you, look for the position of a junior developer. Specialists with no practical experience are sought-after by rapidly growing software development companies. The cons will include a quite low salary in this case, but in the pros, you get the opportunity of gaining experience. Becoming more confident with your duties later you can apply for a higher position and a relevant remuneration.  

  • UI libraries and frameworks are always there for you.   

The IT sector is developing by leaps and bounds. Various tools are being created which significantly facilitate software engineers’ work. We undoubtedly mean here UI libraries with ready-to-use components. They can become especially helpful for novice IT specialists. Libraries allow you to avoid much stress of the first period at work and to noticeably speed up the web development process. There is no need to start everything from scratch.   

JS libraries offer various components, which are ready-made pieces of code written by experienced software engineers and carefully tested by QA professionals. Digital solutions created with the help of such libraries and frameworks cannot but impress with their diversity. Such components as JavaScript widgets, informational dashboards, data tables, and data visualization tools quickly and easily fit each other to comprise one clear design of a website or a web app. A JS developer has nothing else left to do but to organize those elements logically.    

The process may sound to be quite a monotonous activity. Do not be misled with that idea. There is still plenty of space for creativity combining those ready-to-use components. The existing elements can be customized via such tools as Skin Builder.   

Bottom line 

When you make a final decision to completely change your life and start a career in IT, make sure you have considered JavaScript web development for the beginning. As we have figured out, first, the JS programming language is the most demanded in the market. Secondly, fast-growing companies are ready to welcome on board JS specialists without practical experience. Thirdly, after completing the training, you can start freelancing straight away by creating simple websites and apps.   

Multiple programming communities can assist you on your way up the career ladder. Frameworks and ready-to-use elements of JS libraries facilitate and accelerate your work.  

JS is also very flexible, and it can be suitable for managing lots of tasks.  

Everything mentioned above proves the fact that JS specialists will stay in demand for quite a long time ahead. By choosing this programming language, you protect yourself against constant fluctuations of the labor market and find yourself on the safe side.