Benefits of Twitter for Business

Benefits of Twitter for Business

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Social media has become a big opportunity for people to communicate globally but more recently, businesses are also taking notice of the potential to leverage the many people on these platforms. The most popular social networks for businesses include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Twitter is the smallest of the three but if small it having 241 million active users, we need to renegotiate the meaning of small.

Twitter has a steady growth for B2B content. About 82 percent of B2B marketers used Twitter for organic content marketing in 2020 which means you may not even need to spend money on adverts to get the reach you want on the platform. This makes it an ideal platform for several businesses to use to reach their customers considering the benefits it offers. What are those benefits? Here are some of them.

Drive traffic

Ever walked through a store with intentions to buy some specific groceries? Have you left your home before on a one-man/woman mission to get something specific? On the way to your errand, something else caught your eye. That is partly how driving traffic works on Twitter. As everything happens online in this case, it comes the time when eventually you will need an online marketing strategy for gaining the right audience that will drive the traffic on your account. Today it is easy to find your ideal audience as there are services available like Twesocial that will get you Twitter followers with relevance and even much faster than you think. These kinds of growth services are currently the best success and traffic drivers that businesses really benefit from. Additionally, many users on Twitter spend binge time on the platform and because of its real-time updates, a lot of new information is always coming in. Businesses can use this to their advantage to drive traffic by using special offers and events that have links to their websites. They can advertise new products using promotional discounts with links to their websites. As long as there is a great incentive like a discount, it will drive traffic to their website and possibly, revenue for the product advertised.

Customer insights

Do you have an idea how many tweets go out every second? 10. 50, maybe 1000? 6000 tweets go out every second which makes Twitter one of the most engaging social media platforms. There are always conversations going on. Businesses can use these conversations to understand the trends and topics that interest their customers. They can use this information to launch new products or services that engage consumers. Additionally, Twitter Explore can be used to discover topics and hashtags that may be of interest to the business. No need to build from scratch if you use the insights on Twitter.

Free Marketing

When most people think of advertising, you imagine hiring a huge marketing team and marketing budget to promote your brand to your potential customers. This does not have to be the same when it comes to Twitter. While Twitter offers paid advertising, you can also grow your brand organically without spending money. Your audience can be engaged in different ways through posting different interesting content in text, images, videos and live videos. Businesses can get involved in the comments of different conversations and trends happening on Twitter.

An engaged audience

Customers seek a personal connection with businesses. They want to connect with the human aspect of businesses, not communicate with a building, product, or service. That is where some of the features of Twitter come in to make this happen. Businesses should update their pages consistently and constantly in order to push engagement. The content posted would be entertaining and educative about the business that engages the customer. Polls, videos, text, videos, and in some cases, direct messages assist businesses to achieve this. The end goal for businesses is to use these features to create a human aspect to their business.

Increase brand awareness

Twitter allows businesses to share information quickly and in real-time which is a great opportunity to create a tone that aligns with the brand voice and personality. Creating the right voice draws in the appropriate customers that have a feel for your brand. Additionally, engaging with customers in comments on topics and trends that interest them can create an opportunity to reel them in. An example is Ben and Jerry’s which makes commentary on social and political issues that are important to its customers. their brand shows concern for issues close to people which brings attention to their brand.


Twitter is a great platform for businesses that are looking to engage more and better with their customers. Considering the benefits it brings to them from brand awareness to free marketing, it is easy to see why it is a platform of choice.