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Best 8 Affiliate Marketers You Should Know About

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 11:17 am

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When you’re an expert at something, it takes months and years of dedication, hard work, and taking the time to master your craft. However, everyone starts from a certain point in their life where they don’t have any knowledge about what they want to achieve.

Perhaps the reason why we want to learn new things and develop new skills is so that someday we can make a living out of it.

There are a lot of ways for us to earn cash, but a great way to earn passive income while still having a full-time job is through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a partnership between a retailer and an individual wherein the retailer pays the individual a commission fee whenever the individual brings in a paying customer using a specific link called an affiliate link.

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There are a lot of experts in affiliate marketing. Most of these affiliate marketers didn’t start with a lot of cash, but they did have a lot of determination to make their business grow. Now, most of these professionals rely on affiliate commissions. 80% of their monthly income comes from the profit from their affiliate links.

Currently, there are a lot of successful affiliate marketers, but we have come up with a list of the best eight affiliate marketers you should know about. Check them out here:

Who are the Best 8 Affiliate Marketers you should know about?


Birthday: April 24

Age: 35 years old

Location: Seattle, Washington

In A Nutshell: Neil Patel is a New York Times Bestselling author. According to the Wall Street Journal, he is a top influencer on the internet. He is also one of the top 10 marketers according to Forbes.

Neil Patel started learning about digital marketing at the young age of 16. He constantly posts content on his blog, which earns 2.3 million visitors each month. Believe it or not, but those numbers are rising steadily!

He has a lot of high-profile clients, which include brands like Amazon, Google, and Viacom. He has a daily podcast called Marketing School, where he talks about digital marketing in hopes of inspiring others.


Birthday: January 10

Location: Orlando, Florida

In A Nutshell: Missy Ward works with companies to help them grow their brand using performance marketing. She has been doing this gig for the past 10 years. She is a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, FeedFront Magazine: High Voltage, Who Made Who, Moneytalks, Thunderstruck, and more.


Birthday: December 6

Age: 38 years old

Location: San Diego, California

In A Nutshell: Pat Flynn has a website and podcast called Smart Passive Income, where he teaches his followers about investing in online businesses and how to generate passive income. He’s had partnerships with ConvertKit, Teachable, SquadCast, and more.

He is the founder/CEO of Flynndustries, LLC, which helps entrepreneurs become successful in the food truck business.


Location: Canada

In A Nutshell: John Chow owns one of the biggest blogs on the internet, which has over 200,000 active readers and followers. His blog, John Chow dot Com, is currently ranked number 16 on the AdAge Power 150 list. His blog is ranked number 1 in the Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs. He is the founder/CEO of TTZ Media, Inc. His success got him featured in The Vancouver Sun, Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, The Global And Mail, and more.

He has only worked for 8 months and after that, he started his affiliate marketing business through blogging.


Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

In A Nutshell: Kirsty McCubbin is the founder of Blue Indian Ltd, which is the company where she runs her affiliate business. She has worked as a PPC and content affiliate for companies around the United Kingdom and Australia. She has also worked as a Search Engine Optimiser for Scotti Internet Marketing.

Kirsty quit her full-time job after she started making money in affiliate marketing only after 6 months.


Age: 29

Location: Bangkok, Bangkok City, Thailand

In A Nutshell: Finch Sells or “Martin Osborn,” runs his own company, Finch Media, Ltd. He helps brands improve their sales funnels. He mostly runs his own blogs and promises 100% authenticity and “No BS.”

Finch Sells runs affiliate marketing businesses through his blog and specializes in affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, web development, and more.


Location: Israel

In A Nutshell: Rafael Zelik is the co-founder of ReviewMaster and He has helped improve major brands like  Alibaba, WiX, Fiverr, Emirates, and many more.

He has great skills in online marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising, and more. He wants to build one of the top leading start-ups that will change the eCommerce industry.


Location: Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area

In A Nutshell: Shawn Collins is the founder of Shawn Collins Consulting. An affiliate marketer since 1997. He co-founded Affiliate Summit, which is the leading global conference for the affiliate marketing industry.

He wrote the book Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants, which garnered him highlights on famous publications like the Entrepreneur Magazine, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more.


Not many of these affiliate marketers have started with a silver spoon in their mouths. Most of them have had to quit their full-time jobs to jumpstart a career in affiliate marketing.

Now, they enjoy their passive incomes and even run their own marketing firms. Some of them, like Finch Sells and John Chow, even just earn cash through blogging alone.

No matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet and sheer willpower, you could also enjoy these benefits in the long run.