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Best Link Building Software Solution in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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As a digital marketer, you know the importance of link building to a relevant and high-quality site. It helps to increase domain authority and domain rating of your site. 

It is obvious that every online business owners want to increase their online presence so that they can drive traffic and more visibility to their site but it is impossible to do so without quality backlinks pointing their site. Now, what is link building? It is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own. 

It is regarded as the best practice of building relationships with high-quality sites to gain more visibility and traffic. Link building with the niche-based sites is more relevant than multi-category sites. There are two types of link building. One is paid and the other is free. There are some sites that accept paid guest posting while other sites accept free guest posting. It completely depends on their rules of building backlinks.

Best link building software solution in 2020

To acquire the best backlinks, you need to develop a strong strategy that will help your site in the long run. Link building is going to help your site to drive referral traffic and organic rankings. 

However, if you are unable to create a strong strategy of link building then you can take the help of the link building services and they will help you with all the tools and software to acquire backlinks for your site. 

Therefore, here are the best link building software solution in 2020 that can help your site to a great extent,

  • Scrape Box:

Scrape Box is a complete link software that will help your site to pull all the links out from the search engines that match your keywords.

It offers various vital benefits of the link building campaign that can help your site to grow instantly. In this, you can scrape 100s of proxies that you can use in other link building search engine optimization software.

  • Ahrefs: 

Ahrefs is a powerful and well-rounded SEO software that provides various link building warnings. It is one of the best tools that can help your site to grow by showing the mirror image of your site in terms of backlinks, top pages, keywords, and many more.

Ahrefs is a must-have tool for all digital marketers. With this tool, you can analyze referring domains and backlinks of your site as well as other sites.

You can also find the broken links, 404 pages, top linked pages, and many more that will help your site to generate relevant traffic and visibility by analyzing the top keywords and competitor’s sites. There is a separate column for site explorer, keyword research, dashboard, top content, and many more, and these all are crucial for digital marketers. With this tool, you can see the domain rating, top pages, traffic price, organic traffic, etc.

  • Hubspot:

You can use Hubspot to measure the effectiveness of your links. Hubspot is regarded as the best link builder tool with which you can access all the links and their overall contribution to your company’s SEO efforts. 

Hubspot is very popular all over the internet. With this amazing tool, you can view the sites linking to your competitors; analyze the total number of links to your site, track domains linking to your website, and many more that are going to help your site to increase the domain rating and domain authority. On the other hand, by analyzing the competitor’s site, you can see the keywords with which they are ranking in the search engine result page and you can also use those keywords to rank your site on SERPs.

Link Building Best Practices:

You can take the help of above link building software to growing your business; however, to create a powerful link building strategy, you need to follow the following tips,

  • Building Relationships: Building relationships is important for every online business owner. You can build strong relationships with the reputable authors and industry influencers that are going to help your business grow in no time. Building relationships does not mean that you will build links to all sites but only with the relevant sites that in turn help your site to grow effectively. 
  • Less is More: You must always strive for quality, not quantity. Placing only some links on relevant sites is much more useful than placing a large number of links on the spammy sites.
  • Keep Links Relevant: Your backlinks should not come from the spammy sites but it should come from the high-quality sites. If your site is based on the fashion industry then you can target makeup, beauty, lifestyles, and other niche-based sites related to fashion instead of targeting business or technology sites.
  • Create Awesome Content: This is the most important part of the link building i.e., creating awesome and quality content on your site. With the content, you can drive more traffic from search engines as well as other platforms such as social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! Now you know what is the best link building software solution that you can do to make your online business grow in no time.

Follow the above instructions carefully and wisely so that you don’t miss even a single opportunity to make your site strong and powerful like Hubspot, Wikipedia, Health line, and many more.