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WhatsApp Marketing Benefits your Real Estate Business

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Today more and more marketers are using the WhatsApp marketing strategies to target their audiences. Whatsapp marketing is the new trend that all social media marketing executives are following in 2020.

The marketers have found one of the best ways to communicate with the audience at a personal level. Whatsapp messenger app that once was used by the audiences for private communication with their close ones is now used by the marketer to target their audiences.

With more than 70% of the engagement rate, WhatsApp marketing is yielding more results than Facebook and Instagram.

Whatsapp marketing has now seeped into the real estate business as well. You just need the number of the audiences and you are all set to go.

What is the purpose of using WhatsApp marketing in Real Estate business?

Real estate business falling behind to that of e-commerce Company exits on the online platform. However, if you can use WhatsApp marketing effectively, you can also compete with those e-commerce companies.

  • Audience

The purpose of using WhatsApp marketing strategy is to have a wider range of reach of the audiences. And to convince them to buy your property. You can ever share your project detail with more people, this way you will also be able to market your offers. Once these text messages start circulating among the audiences, it increases the chance of reaching the right messages to a potential buyer.

Let say, for example, you have a WhatsApp number for your business. You start by sending bulk messages to your audiences. Soon your messages will also be forwarded to your audience’s friends and relative. This will increase your reach. And your offer may get exposed to potential buyers.

  • Reliability

Using the WhatsApp massager seems very reliable for the fact that it is a digital way of gathering audiences’ data. This method not only saves you manpower but also saves your precious time.

Whatsapp messenger is just like a boon to the marketer who wants to target their audiences on a personal level. Unlike email where messages are lost in between multi-level transaction, whats target audience one on one. That means your message directly reaches your audience.

How Does Whatsapp marketing works?

Marketing used to be an onfield job, but today with the help of technological advancement all the work has become digitalized.

  • Word of mouth

Once you start marketing your services and property on the WhatsApp. People will start knowing you as a broker or a real estate property deal. This message will soon start to circulate among the people.  This way you will be able to make a name among the people as a real estate property dealer. And the best part of this method is that your personal reputation also increases with the number of people.

If you are in the real estate business, then you already know how important it is to have audiences that say good things about you to their friends and relatives. This not only increases your company’s reputation, but they also do indirect marketing for your company.

  • Short and simple

When it comes down to WhatsApp marketing, you do not have to be lengthy with your content. Here we are talking about WhatsApp marketing. A concise and to the point information will do the trick.

People do not like to read long messages on their personal chat massager. So having good concise content with simple images to support your information will increase the engagement rate.

With the help of WhatsApp messenger, marketers save lots of money that would have been wasted on the physical factors. Just use simple infographics, images, and concise content, you will surely see positive results.

What are the advantages of Whatsapp Marketing?

If we simply breakdown the advantage of using WhatsApp messenger for the marketing purpose. Then all the marketers will say the same thing, that is, it is cost-effective and helps them to target relevant audiences.

  • Low cost

Earlier marketing means putting lots of money just to create content for marketing purposes. Nobody would have ever imagined that the text messages could hold such strength.

The old days are gone when millions of dollars were spent on making banner, props, flyers, and brochures to market real estate business. We are now living in the digital world. So now we must use digital means to solve the problems.

  • Target relevant audiences

The biggest purpose of using Whatsapp marketing is that it holds the potential to target the most relevant audience for your business. And the best part of this method is that engagement happens on a personal level that helps to boost the conversion rate.


Whatsapp messenger has helped the real estate property dealer and brokers a new way to communicate with their audience. It is now a proven fact that WhatsApp brings more 70% engagement rate. So if you are able to convert a few of that percentage, your business will skyrocket.