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Chatbot Testing Frameworks to Put into Practice in 2021

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 12:42 pm

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Are you ready to test chatbots? Sounds great!

But, do you have any testing framework for Chatbot testing? If not, you may experience some difficulties as one of the biggest roles of testing frameworks is to help you get assurance of a successful automated testing process.

Moreover, with testing frameworks, you can reduce testing efforts, maintenance costs and get a higher return of investment (ROI) as a QA team, especially if your desire is to optimize agile processes.

In addition, a testing framework is a set of rules or guidelines used to create and design test cases. Also, the guidelines of a testing framework could include best coding standards, object repositories, test-data handling methods, or other processes to help you store test results or get access to external resources for the information storage, and most importantly, QA professionals can get an efficient testing experience.

Although using a testing framework for chatbots is not necessarily because, as a tester, you can prepare scripts or record tests in another way. However, an organized framework can help you get additional benefits of testing and saves you more time compared to manual testing. Some of the common advantages of a test automation framework are as follow:

  • Improved test efficiency.
  • Minimal manual intervention.
  • Reusability of code.
  • Maximum test coverage.
  • Low maintenance cost.

Moreover, numerous automated testing frameworks are available online, from Linear Automation Testing, Modular-based Testing, Data-Driven, Library Architecture Testing, Keyword-Driven to Hybrid Testing Frameworks, and each of the frameworks comes with its own architecture, benefits as well as some drawbacks. Additionally, to help you know about chatbot testing frameworks for 2021, below we’ve mentioned the list of most common frameworks used by QA professionals for automated testing that you can discover to test your chatbot and improve conversation quality.

Top 5 Most Popular Chatbot Testing Frameworks | 2021 Updated is the automation-based chatbot testing framework that you can choose to boost your customer experience. It has the ability to verify your customer experience on all platforms and channels, including features of a voice and IVR to know the behavior of users on voice channels.

One of the main benefits of using Botium is that it helps you test efficiently and makes it easy for the bot to provide accurate answers and respond faster. Also, it ensures to offer data privacy and the highest security with testing so that your users can get a safer experience while the conversation with AI-based bots.

When it comes to chatbot testing, Botium aims to shorten your time to market and minimize your team’s efforts. Aside from that, you can generate value in every phase of the bot development lifecycle.

Furthermore, there is no coding required to automate regression testing, end-to-end testing, voice testing, security testing, performance testing, and when it comes to checking the real-life performance of the chatbot understanding and your NLU engines. Therefore, from eliminating flaws to obtaining in-depth insights statically and dynamically, Botium can improve your chatbot testing and help you create an intelligent enterprise. 

Chatbottest is an open-source guide that you can check to identify design issues of your chatbot under seven different categories.

For example,  

Personality: Does the chatbot’s voice or tone change each time when people initiate conversations with it, or does it remain the same? Does a chatbot have a clear voice to conversate with users?

Onboarding: Are users know about the chatbot? Are they know how to interact with him from start to end?

Understanding: Are chatbots able to understand idioms, Smalltalk, requests, emojis? What questions does the chatbot understand during conversations?

Answering: What kind of elements does the chatbot can send and how well it performs the task? Are they respond based on the context and moment?

Navigation: How simple is it to navigate the chatbot conversation? Do you ever get lost while conversing with the chatbot?

Error-Management: How well does the chatbot handle all of the errors that are supposed to happen? Is it possible to overcome them?

Intelligence: Does a chatbot intelligent? What makes a chatbot intelligent? Are all chatbots AI-specific? Does the chatbot can remember things & manage context as a person?

Therefore, if you want to improve your chatbot’s design through testing, you can consider Chatbottest for personal or professional use. is a proprietary framework designed to understand the chatbot’s behavior thoroughly. Additionally, it helps you obtain precise insights about scaling and enhancing a chatbot at a rapid pace, which further assists in maximizing your ROI.

According to the study from Accenture, eBay, Bell, American Red Cross, Hulu, Monash University, Finastra, Sky, Vodafone to other big giants is leveraging for accuracy, velocity, better control, and increase the scope of chatbot domains.

Besides, it has an intelligent sampling feature to monitor user-bot interactions automatically and helps you acquire reviews for negative interactions.  

It is another one of the best test automation frameworks to focus on the end-to-end quality of chatbots. With Zypnos, you can efficiently perform chatbot testing services because this framework is combined with AI and machine learning to keep you free of mundane tasks and obtain a quality chatbot.

Into the bargain, the record and run tool named Zypnos has the ability to automate your regression testing and supports you at the time of recording a number of test cases and while re-running them. Due to automatic recording and running support, you can even save your manual effort and avoid the traditional method of maintaining spreadsheets.

Get quick insights into your testing process and release your chatbot from weeks to days. The other benefit of Zypnos is it enables you to record once and run for every version, which means managing test cases and running testing is easy with this framework. Apart from this, it comes with a codeless test editor that can be utilized by novice and experts to conduct chatbot testing efficiently.

Need Help Selecting a Chatbot Testing Framework? 

Above, we’ve given a list of some test automation frameworks that you can review based on your project requirements, timeline, or budget. All the listed frameworks are suitable for your chatbot testing and to match your project needs.

However, you have to remember that chatbots can vary as per different industries, such as banking chatbots, medical chatbots, personal finance chatbots, etc., so you have to choose carefully, especially if it is the matter performing testing for simulating human behavior and conduct conversations in real-time.

With the right test automation frameworks, you can make your chatbots quality-made in terms of their functionality, usability, including security and performance that play a crucial role in Chatbot Testing in order to get assurance for authorization, authentication, encryption-based conversations, as well as fulfill all the needs that are important to achieve success with AI bots.

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