Cyber Security - Is Your Business Protected

Cyber Security – Is Your Business Protected?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Security concerns with respect to a business are increasing day by day. It is getting impossible to get hold of cybercrimes, especially for small and new businesses. Firms that fail at securing their cyber security face huge losses that are irrecoverable. Technological changes have caused a lot of disruption in the current security testing landscape. Cyber security testing remains a top priority for firms to keep their crucial data safe and secure. They need to leverage security checks at all levels to stay protected and provide their customers’ the sense of security they expect from their products. 

Cyber Security Testing is Important to Protect  your Business 

The security industry faces challenges due to the disruption caused by firms adopting new technologies. Yet, it is clear that technology alone cannot support these changing trends, and that a cultural change is required to make security their top priority. Cyber security testing services include vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, that help organizations to identify potential risks and provide viable solutions to protect their systems. 

Securing Important Business Data from Malicious Attacks

Whether it is a start-up or a well-established business, cyber security testing is important to secure important business data from any malware and data breaches. For this, they use vulnerability scanning that is an automated form of cyber security assessment that utilizes software testing tools to assess the security of devices that are connected to a network. Vulnerability testing is carried out to discover as many security issues and problems as possible especially those that are already available to the customers for use. 

White Hat Hackers Point-Out Weaknesses in a Software Application 

Ideally, cyber security testing services should be hired before a software application is rolled to its end-users. But if your business is at any risk, then you should not neglect it. Software testers use software testing type that is an in-depth form of assessing a network, system or software application. White hat hackers focus on identifying the complex weaknesses in a system that cannot be identified by scanning tools. 

Difference between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning/Testing

A key difference between the two is that penetration testing focuses on exploiting vulnerabilities in an application. Testers can stay a step ahead of the unethical hackers who could gain access to critical data and business assets. On the contrary, penetration tests are scenario-based assessments, that focus on testing an organization’s ability to identify and respond to specific tactics and procedures. Scenario-based tests help validate the effectiveness of security teams and the tools and technologies they use.


By 2021, cybercrime is expected to cost companies more than $6 trillion per year. Cyber security testing is as important as any other software testing type. A business owner needs to ensure if his business is secure from malware and all data is secure. Cyber security testing services aim at providing a complete overview of how well the business is protected and to identify any vulnerabilities in the system.