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Fastest Growing Manufacturing Industries in China 2020

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 03:19 pm

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The global marketplace is continuously upgrading itself in terms of changing demands and prospects. Within these changes, many emerging markets came into existence for giving fierce competition to conventional markets. China has now become one of the largest business hubs and an emerging market economy. And to this level, it has maintained a position at the international level by introducing competitive manufacturing and production industries.

The Chinese B2B marketplace is expanding day by day. The nation is continuously transforming the business industry while embracing innovation for becoming a prospective market leader. How about looking deeper into the manufacturing industries in China? Records from global databases are screened to highlight how manufacturing industries in China are reaching to next-level success.

China’s Leading Manufacturing Industries Optimizing Economy 

Here we unveil the most prominent manufacturing industries in China that have effectively gained the interest of buyers from overseas.

Automobile Industry 

According to the research, China’s automobile industry has boomed the B2B marketplace. It firmly positioned itself by struggling and acknowledging specific dynamics that substantially contributed to the industry.

Not only it gained a reputation across the world; the industry has achieved a milestone in improving vehicle performances, introducing enormous facilities, and embracing technologies favorable to environment protection. Statistics also reflects that the automobile industry has marked a top rank of about 135.3% of revenue growth.

Computer Networking Services 

Technological transformations have completely changed business conventions. However, its demand is surely increasing by time as well. China B2B marketplace has endorsed another rapidly growing manufacturing industry, which has improved the economy beyond our imagination.

Internet services in China have achieved 35.2% of rapid growth, and that is equivalent to $712.5 billion. Not only this, but it also experienced an immediate shift of interest to the users. A continuous increase in the estimation of users is interestingly advancing. Adding to fast-growing service delivery, the industry is thriving advertising models as well that gives it a boost to penetrate across China.

Solar Power Manufacturing Industry 

Even in the electronic and electrical niche, solar power generation in China also reached the top rank in the B2B marketplace. Considering its impact on the economy, the industry has maintained revenue growth to 36% this year. China is continuously exploring ways to modernize its economic system.

Online Shopping Services 

When every sector has embraced technology, why would not retail shift its operations to digital media? China is never behind in integrating smart solutions. Interestingly, it has converted all of the traditional mechanisms to modern methods.

Online shopping is a worldwide famous phenomenon, which has now shaped an industry. It is entitled to China B2B platform as well and achieved a top rank with an annual growth of 29.4%. The rising popularity of online shopping is expected to influence the economy in the coming years.

Since consumers are becoming more demanding, online shopping is letting the retail market witness a significant boom in every aspect.

Supply Chain and Logistics in China 

National and international trade in China has also raved a lot. No doubt, the industry improved its services in recent years while became another prominent sector. The emerging manufacturing industry impressively supported nearly 75% of the businesses in China.

Over five years, supply chain and logistics in China befitted a significant market leader by reckoning an annual revenue growth of about 27.7%. This seems to facilitate more industrial units with their maturity.

Efficient Technology Industry 

Rapid innovative developments in China have empowered the technology industry to bring forward products that are adaptable and flexible. Currently, the technology industry in China is recorded as the most hyped manufacturing industry in terms of offering a variety of new technologies for everyday use.

Revenue growth of the efficient technology industry in China is estimated at 20% in 2019, which is maximized shortly.


There are a lot more manufacturing industries in China that are in the process of achieving a competitive position in the current marketplace. Perhaps, the industries in the limelight are predicted to grow further and become internationally recognized leading industries. This is not it – China is ready to fulfill its economic, social, and environmental expectations. The more it put down the energy in the workforce and optimizing business strategies, the more efficiently it will achieve success.

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