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Guide to Best EHR Software for Healthcare Practice

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 04:25 pm

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If you are currently thinking about investing in a new EHR software then perhaps we can help you come to a decision. In this piece, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about the Best software AllegianceMD EHR. The company that produces the software has been around for a while. This allows you to trust that the company has produced software that is worth it. The company has been headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the last several years.

AllegianceMD is a one-stop-shop for all your medical software needs. The company also produces top-of-the-line practice management and billing software to help a practice manage every aspect of their work with ease! If this intrigues you, then we suggest you keep reading to learn more about this software.

Top Features in AllegianceMD EHR

Customize Your Templates

One of the best things about AllegianceMD EHR is the amount of convenience it will bring to your practice. This software allows you to choose from a variety of templates it already has. Once you have explored the various templates and found the one you like, you can make entering patient data a much better task. Furthermore, if you think there is something within the template that could stand to be better then you can do that too! This allows you to have flexibility over how you record patient data according to your needs as a medical practice.

E-Prescription for your Ease

Certain Clinical EHR software uses an e-prescription feature that can make things a lot easier for both you and your patients. This feature helps you to make prescriptions online. You can convert the entire prescription process virtual for your patient. Your patient can simply go to a pharmacy and collect their prescription. This removes the need for a patient to have to come to your practice to collect a piece of paper containing their prescription. Another great thing this software will do for you is warning you about any possible negative drug interactions that you should be wary of. This helps you to keep your patients and your practice safe; which is of the utmost priority.

Optimize your Charting

One of the main focuses of AllegianceMD is that it wants to make everything convenient for you. This is why they focus on having a robust charting feature. With this feature, you can cut down on the time you spend on making patient charts. This feature helps you halve the time you spend in one appointment. Instead of perhaps spending 30 minutes in a patient appointment, you can reduce it to 10 minutes if a large portion of the time was spent making patient notes. All in all, the amount of convenience and saved time AllegianceMD brings you is truly life-changing!

Telehealth to Grow your Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic showed the importance of a telehealth feature in any EHR software. With this software, you are able to conduct patient appointments via a video conference call. This allows you to see your patients remotely which is imperative when it comes to growing your practice. Patients that were otherwise hard to reach due to their limited mobility or perhaps because of geographical locations are now easily accessible. AllegianceMD EHR has been providing users with top-notch telehealth services for quite a while. The software helped a lot of practices that had it employed stay afloat during the pandemic since they did not have to stop taking appointments from patients. Due to the virus, a lot of patients were uncomfortable with coming to a physical medical office or clinic. This was easily remedied through this feature.

Optimize your Schedule

The scheduling feature in AllegianceMD will help you maintain a daily work schedule unlike any other. The software helps you schedule the maximum number of appointments during the day as possible. It also helps you stay on track with your daily tasks and the work that you have to do. Apart from scheduling meticulously, the scheduling feature helps you to lower the number of no-shows you might experience at your practice. This is because AllegianceMD automatically sends appointment reminders to patients. If a patient wants to cancel at the last minute, even then your appointment slot is not wasted. The software schedules another patient from the waitlist in its wake. Overall; your optimization has increased severalfold!

Should you Buy in AllegianceMD EHR Software?

If you have already decided to invest in a brand new EHR for whatever reason, then we can only help you conclude which Best EHR Software might fit the bill for you. We cannot categorically tell you which EHR would be a good option for you but perhaps can help you reach your own informed conclusion.

The first thing we highly recommend you do is to list down all the aspects of your medical practice that you would want help with. Once this is done, you can compare this list to the features available in AllegianceMD EHR. If the software satisfied all or most of your needs then it might prove to be a good option!

We also recommend that you read as many AllegianceMD reviews as you can online. The more detailed the user review is; the better! This is because a current user will give you the best idea about what software is like and what issues they have encountered with it and you should be warned about it. With user reviews, you get a good idea of what to expect from the software. The overall average rating for AllegianceMD is quite decent. A lot of users appreciate it and claim that it has reduced the need for manual work at their practice by at least half or more!

And finally, we recommend that you request the vendor for a demo or a trial of the software. This will help you figure out whether or not the software is the right fit for you and your needs. Seeing the software features in action rather than just merely reading about them will enable you to come to a better decision in regards to it. All in all, we are sure you will make the right call about your own software needs!