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Podiatry EMR Software Role in Healthcare Practices

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Why Do You Need a Podiatry EMR Software?

Podiatry practices encounter various clinical and organizational challenges that you can overcome by employing a specialty-specific EMR. The specialty-specific EMR allows you to give the best possible care to your patients while reducing the burden you and your employees might otherwise experience. The best EMR for Podiatry is the one that streamlines all your Podiatry-specific chores as well as allows you to optimize your administrative and financial workflow.

Finding the most efficient and best EMR for Podiatry is crucial for your practice. The process of preventing, diagnosing, treating, and recovering from abnormal foot and lower limb problems is made more accessible with the best Podiatry EMR Software.

Advantages of Using Podiatry EMR Software

Varied practices have different requirements, necessitating the development of specialty-specific EMR. The best EMR for podiatry is specifically available to meet the needs of your practice. The Podiatry EMR has several advantages, including the following.

Streamlined Workflow

The Podiatry-specific EMR software streamlines your workflow by managing most of your activities. In addition, it offers SOAP note templates for routine operations, unique information for patient evaluation, medication management, among other features to boost your practices’ performance!

User-friendly Interface

The architecture of the Podiatry-specific EMR is as per the workflow of Podiatry practices. Therefore, it is user-friendly and allows you to navigate through different features seamlessly.

Increased Productivity

The best Podiatry EMR increases your productivity by improving communication and simplifying administrative and financial operations. In addition, you can control all your activities from a single location, thereby optimizing your work!

Patient Portal

Podiatry EMR Software also offers integrated patient portals where patients can log in and review their health. The patient portal is known for boosting patient participation and improving health outcomes.


Another significant benefit of Podiatry EMR Software is that they enable integration with X-ray equipment, MRIs, and CT scans, allowing for faster and more efficient diagnosis and treatment operations.

Best EMR for Podiatry Practices

Here are some of the top Podiatry EMR that can help you achieve new heights of success in your Podiatry practice. Make sure to schedule a demo beforehand to evaluate the software thoroughly. Here are our top picks!

Sammy EMR Software

The Sammy EMR Software is a well-known EMR for podiatry. This specialty-specific software, according to Podiatry EMR reviews, is ideal for small to medium-sized offices. With Sammy EMR Software, you can quickly import X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other images into individual patient charts.

The Sammy EMR Software is versatile, and you can also customize it to match your specific requirements. For example, the EMR offers SamNotes that enables you to configure templates according to your needs. In addition to this, Sammy EMR has a voice recognition option through which you can narrate your notes, and the software will detect them. Furthermore, the system keeps track of patient demographic information and updates it as needed.

Praxis EMR Software

Our next pick is the Praxis EMR Software which is also one of the best Podiatry EMR. It offers template-free software that enables you to give services in your unique way rather than adhere to rigid and restrictive templates.

Praxis’s Artificial Intelligence-driven charting functionality allows you to practice medicine and consult your patients faster and effectively. Overall, Praxis’s AI learns your pattern and enables you to execute efficiently in all domains of your healthcare tech setup.

DrChrono EMR Software

The next EMR under discussion is the DrChrono EMR Software that offers various customizable templates and formats to streamline your workflow. For example, you can mark foot and ankle diagrams in DrChrono to complete patient charting swiftly. According to Podiatry EMR reviews, DrChrono also gives you the option of ordering X-rays, bone scans, and MRIs right from your EMR through the web.

Another critical aspect of DrChrono EMR is the patient portal, which allows patients to schedule appointments, upload insurance details for quick eligibility verification, and check-in digitally. To reduce the number of no-shows, you can also contact your patients and deliver computerized reminders via email, SMS, or phone calls before each session.

Kareo EMR Software

Kareo is a cloud-based EMR and Practice Management software specifically for your Podiatry practice to assist you in succeeding. You can purchase the EMR or the complete suite to create an appropriate solution for your practice’s needs.

With various configurable Podiatry templates and the flexibility to create your own, Kareo EMR is one of the best EMR for Podiatry practices. Kareo provides multiple solutions to help you streamline your time-consuming chores. In addition to this, the Kareo EMR Software allows you to plan appointments directly from the calendar and quickly obtain eLabs and e-Prescriptions.

PrognoCIS EMR Software

Last but not least is the PrognoCIS EMR Software, which acknowledges and addresses the specific needs of Podiatrists. Patient history, common Podiatry complaints, and test results are readily available with PrognoCIS EMR’s specialized features, reports, and templates.

In addition, PrognoCIS EMR also integrates with a Practice Management System, which allows you to manage all of your organizational and clinical activities in one place. Templates for typical Podiatry issues, Podiatry exams, including primary and routine foot exams, heel pain plantar, ulcer physicals, and more, are available through PrognoCIS EMR Software.

Which Podiatry EMR Software Should You Invest In?

Our detailed review of the best EMR for Podiatry practice will help you make an informed decision. We are, however, unable to decide for you which EMR to explore because each healthcare practice has unique needs based on the number of doctors and workload.

We suggest you list down your requirement and then schedule a demo for the EMR you are considering. The demo will be beneficial as you will navigate the software in an actual healthcare setting. Moreover, you can read Podiatry EMR user reviews to evaluate further which software is the best fit for your Podiatry practice.