Google Ad Certification Exam

Here’s How You Can Ace the Google Ads Certification Exam

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Brands who want their fair share of the online spotlight need to get into PPC marketing. Since paid advertisements are targeted at audiences searching for a product or service similar to that of a specific brand, there’s a greater chance for conversion to occur.

A career in online marketing means becoming an expert in a variety of paid advertising platforms. Google Ads is at the forefront of this, so it’s essential to learn (and master) the ins and outs of this platform. The goal should be to get certified by passing the necessary exams.

What Is the Google Ads Certification?

It is a professional accreditation program offered by Google for marketers who want to become experts in this paid search platform. It is conducted in the form of online exams available through Skillshop, Google’s training platform.


As a marketer, being Google Ads certified can benefit you in two ways. First, it allows you to showcase your expertise in the advanced aspects of the platform to clients. Second, if you work for a digital marketing agency, it can be a step towards helping your company get accepted into the Google Partners Program.  


There are six different types of Google Ads certifications available to take for free on Skillshop.

Google Ads Search. Given to individuals who can demonstrate mastery in building optimized search campaigns by leveraging automated solutions like Smart Bidding to boost campaign performance

Google Ads Display. Given to individuals who can demonstrate expertise in using Google Display strategies that can achieve specific marketing goals.

Google Ads Video. Given to individuals who can showcase their abilities to get desired results from YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions. Certified users are expected to show that they can tell compelling stories on the aforementioned video platforms. 

Shopping Ads. Given to individuals who are proficient in utilizing and optimizing Shopping Ads to maximize reach and conversions.

Google Ads Apps. Given to individuals who exhibit mastery in creating high-impact Google App campaigns for businesses, stemming from an understanding of the campaign creation fundamentals and advanced optimization strategies.

Google Ads Measurement. Given to individuals who can use Google’s measurement solutions to optimize digital ad performance, actionable insights that can make an impact on client brands or their own. 

Note: The Google Ads Measurement certification does not count toward the Google Partner badge.

How Do I Prepare for the Google Ads Certification Exam?

Passing the Google Ads Certification Exam requires time and effort on your part. It would help if you had the right mindset before jumping into the preparations. Learning the fundamentals of Google Ads can greatly help. While there are tons of online resources for learning, nothing trumps hands-on experience.

Getting that on-the-job experience allows you to grasp underlying theories behind online advertising and create, serve, analyze, and optimize real-life ads as well. 

Once you know the basics, these tips should help you ace that exam.

Be an Active Learner

Most people watch a YouTube video or read something online, hoping all that information would stick. Don’t do that. Be involved in the learning process instead. 

Take notes. Research suggests that to the human brain, writing something down acts like a mini-rehearsal for doing. Taking notes constantly leads to greater memorization. 

Use Learning Tools

There are tons of tools out there that can make learning much easier or more enjoyable. So do your research, and find the ones that are worth a try. 

For example, there’s one called iPass Exam. It’s an online program that mimics the environment and the question format on the actual Google AdWords Fundamentals exam and other exams. It allows you to take multiple practice tests and prepares you for the difficult wording Google Ads uses to trip you up.

Does Google Ads Certification Have an Expiration Date?

Yes, it does. Google Ads certifications have a one-year validity. Once it expires, you will need to renew your certification. 

Let’s say you got certified for Google Ads in October this year. By October next year, you will need to retake and pass the certification assessment again to remain certified for this particular product area.

In Summary

Getting Google Ads certified is beneficial wherever you are in your digital marketing journey. If you’re a newbie who wants a career in online advertising, it will enable you to learn everything that has to do with the platform and increase your chances of getting hired. For an experienced marketing professional, it offers a way to expand your marketing skills and attract a more diverse clientele. 

Just like any other test, preparation is key to passing the Google Ads Certification Exam. Working knowledge of the Ads platform, researching how this exam works, and devoting time to review what you’ve learned are must-dos. 

Information overload and the time component are just two of the potential challenges you will face on the road to being Google certified. But hopefully, following the tips above can help you overcome them.  

At the end of the day, a Google Ads Certification isn’t just about learning. It’s about demonstrating your proficiency to both clients and colleagues when creating a variety of Google Ads campaigns. It is a guarantee that you can leverage this paid search platform to generate desired returns and results.