Web Video Caster for PC

How to Install Web Video Caster for PC

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Web video caster is a well-known video casting app that can cast your videos and audios on your smart TV. Web video caster pc download is so easygoing that it increased the reputation of this casting app. You can cast HTML 5 videos, photos, MP4 videos together with live news, sports, or TV shows.

With this app, you can download subtitles of the videos you want to watch on your TV. You can download the subtitles from Opensubtitles.org with the web video caster. Web video caster promotes Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV along with Amazon Fire TV, and other smart TVs. This app also approves almost all sorts of media.

What Is Web Video Caster for Pc?

Web video caster is one of the most significant video casting apps. Web video caster pc download is just so simple with an emulator. This casting app permits you to see your desired mobile and PC videos on TV. Web video caster promotes a bunch of streaming devices and media.

With this app, you can smoothly bookmark your desired videos. If your smart TV has DLNS, then the web video caster will be compatible with it. This app collaborates with a amount of devices. It works with PC, Android TV, devices, and also fire TV.

Advantages of Using Web Video Caster

With Web video caster, you can cast and stream all your videos and audios on your Windows. This app can cast your files to the TV for a larger view. Using it’s the web browser, you can cast on PlayStation 4.  Here are all the positive benefits and advantages of using a web video caster on your PC below.

  • It’s an easy-going process to cast videos and audios from your computer or mobile to your Smart TV.
  • In web video caster, it has no pop-up integrated videos.
  • You can simply bookmark your admired videos and set them in a queue.
  • Web video caster saves the history of your precious record. With this record, you can check your history whenever you want.
  • This app has a home screen shortcut. With the help of this, you can see other videos at the same time when you are watching your cast video.

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New Features of the Latest Version of Web Video Caster

The new version of the web video caster app was designed with some more unique features and functions.

  • Web video caster is a casting app. With this app, you can watch TV shows, movies, sports events along with live news broadcasts from any website.
  • This app streams videos and audios from the internet to your streaming devices such as Smart TVs.
  • This casting app permits its users to download videos that they have the approval to do so.
  • The developers have added the contact option to connect and help the users of this app.
  • Developers will help you to block the bug issues that you face using the web video caster.
  • You can reach out to the developers to submit them improvement solutions. That really helps the developers to improve the features of this app.
  • Because of some modifications to the playlist option, you can control the playlist.
  • You can also change the previous mood to the black mode to save your eye.

Frequently Asked Question

Here we will give some questions asked by the users of the web video caster. Our experts will serve the answer to solve the problems that you may face when you are going to use this app.

Q1. How does web video caster work?

Answer: To start, visit the website of this app. Tap on the play button for the video that you want to watch. There you will achieve some guidelines to achieve that.

Q2. How can I install the app?

Answer: Use an emulator, and then you will be able to install the web video caster on your PC.

Q3. What is a web video caster?

Answer: Web video caster is a casting app that permits you to watch your desired websites to watch videos and audios.

Q4. How can I cast an online videos to my TV?


  • Connect your device to the WiFi.
  • Open web video caster.
  • In the app, find out and choose the cast.
  • On the device, pick out the name of your Smart TV. All set now.
Q5. How do I pair my phone with my TV?

Answer: Plug an adapter into your phone; after that, push an HDMI cable into the adapter to join to the TV.

How to Install Web Video Caster For PC

Emulators are one kind of app that prompts a virtual Android OS on your windows. With the help of the emulators, you can install almost all types of Android Applications.

Nox player is an android emulator software that permits you to download play store apps on your PC. At the bottom, we’ll show you the processes of downloading the emulator. Follow all the steps of the process to install the Web video caster for your Personal Computer.

  • First, you need to search the Nox Player App on your browser. Download the emulator if you didn’t download this earlier.
  • Run the downloaded Nox Player setup and install it on your PC. After fulfilling the installation process, launch the Nox player on your windows.
  • Look out for the Play Store on the Nox Player emulator and sign in with your Google mail account. If you don’t have a Google mail account, you can open an account and then get into the Play Store.
  • Search for the web video caster on the Play Store’s search bar and try to find out this app.
  • When they show you the search results, select Web video caster app and click on the install button.
  • At this time, back to the emulator Nox Players home page and search the web video caster app. Click on the icon to launch and start to use the app on your PC.

Final Thought

It’s really easier to make a start with casting videos on TV with this web video caster. You can make a home theater environment by installing this app on your personal computer. Web video caster pc download can give you the pleasure of creating a theater to watch movies with your family.

This casting app can simply cast your videos and audios from your Android devices to your TV. With this app, casting videos from websites like Netflix and Hulu is easier. All the files stored on your Android devices,  such as audios and videos, can be supported by this app.