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How to Know if Your content is Helping With SEO?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:28 am

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So you’re trying to rank your website better in search results online. If so, you must already be aware of the key position that content holds in your SEO strategy.

However, there could be times when you put in a lot of effort, but still somehow, fail to see the results you anticipated.

While there could be plenty of reasons why your website is not receiving the progress it should. For example, there might be technical issues with your website. Or there might be contextual errors to your content that are increasing your bounce rate.

While you can identify the faults in your website, there’s one thing that’s hard to get by- the content quality. Yes, you read that right.

If you’re wondering how to know if your content is helping with your SEO, then we’ve got just the right information for you.

Keyword Ranking

You must already be aware of how important the keywords are for your content. And of course, how you must choose them and include them in your content.

However, what you might not know is the fact that keyword metrics are not constant. In other words, they tend to change from time to time. In fact, some experts also report witnessing a change in keyword difficulty several times throughout a single day.

So now you understand how the keywords must also be tracked after you publish your content. Perhaps, you can easily figure out your website’s performance for specific keywords if you can track keyword ranking. And thereby, you can also estimate the success of your content.

Backlinks It Earns

Another effective way to evaluate your content’s quality is by knowing the backlinks it earns.

Ideally, a good piece of content should earn backlinks. However, it is noteworthy that backlinks are not earned overnight. If you read more about how backlinks are earned and how they help with SEO, you can easily understand this notion. Nevertheless, if you don’t receive backlinks even after being live for several months, you shouldn’t panic. There’s always room for improvement.

You can start with refining its structure, including more valuable information, and of course, asking your friends and loyal subscribers to promote it.

Room For Serendipity

With this, we come to the last, but not least of the evaluation tricks- knowing what improvements can be made.

It is noteworthy that prominent search engines prioritize fresh content in SERP rankings, over older pieces. Well, you can use this information to your benefit.

If you know your content is receiving traffic, but it’s declining over time, you should update it. In other words, you must add more substantial information to your content. Or you can also make changes to the already published content. For example, if there has been a change in any update or technology, you must remove the older version from your content and include the new one.

In short, knowing that there’s always room for improvement can actually help with evaluating your content’s quality. And believe it, some experts call it serendipitous marketing.

So, by now you must have a broader idea about evaluating your content’s quality. And likewise, you can make the necessary changes to your content strategy to improve its efficacy.