Make your Home More Secure

How to Make your Home More Secure

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:23 am

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In the modern-day, there are few places that feel well and truly safe, and even more so if you are living in an area that is prime picking for thieves, gangs of youths, or light-fingered delivery workers.

Money is short for everyone, so deterring those that have the knack for stealing or the opportunity is a must, and unfortunately, there just aren’t enough places open where youths can meet up and spend time with their friends where they are not causing a nuisance of themselves or intimidating those that live in the vicinity of their chosen meeting places.

There are, of course, many different ways you can deter these people or make it so difficult for them to interfere with your life and your possessions that they will go elsewhere for their entertainment or light-fingered work.

Motion detecting lights

Installing motion-detecting lights can be a particularly good way of putting off the would-be burglar from choosing your property to break into, even if your home is in total darkness. Having their progress towards the area of your home that they are looking to break into lit up so that any of your neighbors, or for that matter, anyone passing by, will be able to see them and what they are doing could very well make them stop and think, especially as there are bound to be easier options available to them.

Motion detecting lights are also a great safety feature too for yourself and your guests as they will light the path on dark evenings so that you or your guests will be less likely to trip and fall or wander from the routes marked by the lights, obviously when you are installing them as a reason to put off any would-be burglars then it is a good idea to have some located around the darkest areas of your property so that there is nowhere that can be in darkness and accessed easily.

Install deterrents

There are, of course, other deterrents that you can install, such as the mosquito speaker. This is especially handy if you are unlucky to have gangs of youths regularly meeting and spending evenings outside your property.

Being able to move them on without confrontation or voicing your opinion at a time when you are likely to be largely outnumbered and feeling very vulnerable can be extremely desirable and even more so when it is done anonymously.

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are a very good way of seeing who is at your door via a security feed and an app that connects your doorbell to your cell phone, meaning that you do not even have to be at home in order to see who is at your door and what they are doing with your deliveries.

You can even talk to those that push your bell so that they do not have to know that you are not on the premises unless, of course, you choose to tell them. There are indeed many thieves that have been caught on camera in the act of stealing packages and parcels thanks to these new gadgets.